Our Services

Firstly, in the field of training and development:

Administration & Management Training:

•    Public and Business Administration
•    Project Management
•    Total Quality Management, Production Management, and Operations
•    Stores, Purchasing, Marketing, & Contracts Management
•    Supply Chain & Logistics
•    Human Resources & Training 
•    Office Management & Secretarial Affairs
•    Legal Affairs & Personnel
•    Media, Public Relations & Information


Financial Training:

•    Accounting & Budgeting
•    Auditing
•    Insurance
•    Investment
•    Management of Securities & Portfolios
•    Financial Management & Economics

Technical Training:

•    Industrial Engineering & Industrial Management
•    Occupational Health, Safety , & Environmental Engineering
•    Civil Engineering
•    Corrosion & Maintenance Engineering
•    Electrical & Communication Engineering
•    Mechanical Engineering
•    Petroleum Engineering
•    Chemical Engineering

Secondly, Consulting in the field of studies:
The preparation of studies and the provision of management consulting in the areas of:

•    Preparation of organizational structures and the restructuring of organizations according to their activities.
•    Preparation of functional structures and job description, and preparation of salaries and wages scales and budget
•    Preparation of market studies and economic feasibility studies of projects.
•    Preparation of technical studies for projects and related activities.
•    Simplifying and streamlining procedures and working methods for organizations.
•    Analysis, development, and automation  of financial systems.

The change required for the development of enterprises is the main objective to provide advice. Therefore, the phase of supervising the application of the proposals and to ensure that the desired development become a reality, is one of the most important stages of advisory work.