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Program Title:
Process Plant Start Up & Commissioning
شرم الشيخ
09.08.2020 - 13.08.2020
$ 3200


Course Description:

       • This course will cover most of the basic theory involved when starting up a process plant. 
       • The topics will include pre-commissioning, procedures, spading lists, line-up sheets, 
purging with

          steam or Nitrogen, pressure testing and 02 testing. Health & Safety are covered in several and

          adherence to procedures highlighted with examples of accidents as a result. 
      • Each accident is also analyzed in detail and the reasons identified why they happen. 
      • This course has been designed to give the participants an introduction as how plan and 

         complex Petro-chemical process units safely.


Course Objective:

            Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
                • Understand the system and procedures involved with process when commissioning and

                    starting-up Petro-chemical units.
                • Know how to plan and execute “plant start-up”, including flushing and purging plans using P & IDs.
                • Understand the applicable safety procedures.
                • Understand associated risks and how to avoid them.
                • Understand the technical, operational, and financial implications of plant start-up.


Who Should Attend:

           This course is designed for:
                • Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control engineers who are involved in Process

                     Plant Start Up & Commissioning.
                • Team leaders, project managers, refinery managers, section heads, plant supervisors,

                    process engineers, maintenance staff, technical staff, and contractor personnel involved in

                   project execution and plant start-up in process industry.


Course Contents:

                • Introductions
                • Aims and Objectives when starting up:
                                  Understand the technical, operational and financial implications of a Unit Start-Up

                • Introduction to Start-Up & related Healthy and Safety procedures
                                  Changing Health and Safety climate in Petro-Chemical Industry at the moment

                                       concerning individual employees
                                  Legal aspects

                • Manpower requirements and significance of planning ahead
                                  Pre-planning
                                  Critical path
                                  Normal path
                                  Unexpected path
                                  Implementation
                                  Isometrics, P & ID’s

                • Test – Based on a scenario using P & IDs
                • Steaming Out
                                  How to steam out without thermal shocks, mechanical Shocks, over pressuring or

                                      introducing water into the system

                • Compile “Punch listing” system
                • Logical and “fail safe” system for the Line-Ups
                • Line-Up for Start-Up
                                  Start-Up sequence

                • Auxiliary Equipment
                                  Instrument Air
                                  Cooling Water
                                  Nitrogen
                                  Potable Water
                                  LP Steam
                                  MP Steam

                • Understanding Nitrogen is hazard
                                  WHY DO WE INERT?
                                  Nitrogen pressure/leak testing

                • Test – on Nitrogen
                • Revision
                • Commissioning the Plant
                                  Understanding all procedures: Sequence List and Start Up Procedure

                • Start-Up
                                  How to bring unit on stream

                • Permits to Work
                • “The Management of the Change” process
                • Accidents during Start-up
                                  Common reasons for accidents and how to avoid them

                • Revision

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