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Program Title:
Gas Turbine-Gas Compressor Maintenance & Troubleshooting
شرم الشيخ
12.05.2019 - 16.05.2019
$ 3200


Course Objective:

          At the end of this program, participants:

           • Will have a better understanding of gas turbines and gas compressors and the principle

              knowledge of their components, design, and operation.
           • Will be able to operate gas turbines and gas compressors as close as possible to the

              design efficiency.
           • Will be able to monitor gas turbines and gas compressors’ efficiency, availability and

           • Will have learnt about selection, operation and maintenance of gas turbines and gas

           • Will be able to troubleshoot gas turbines and gas compressors ' problems.


Who Should Attend:

     Engineers and Technicians involved with maintenance programs and are responsible for day to day servicing and operational efficiency. Also plant and maintenance engineers, process engineers, rotating engineers, and maintenance managers. May also be invaluable to superintendents and supervisors, who are involved in compressor maintenance schedules.


Course Contents:

                • Introduction.
                • Fundamental principles of gas turbines.
                • Gas dynamics.
                • Components of axial flow turbines.
                • Selection of turbines.

                • Components of gas-turbine cycle.
                • Combined gas-turbine cycles.
                • Performance of gas turbine cycles.
                • Factors affecting gas turbine cycles.
                • Types of compressors.

                • Reciprocating compressors.
                • Screw compressors.
                • Scroll compressors
                • Rotary compressors.
                • Centrifugal compressors.

                • Axial flow compressors.
                • Factors affecting compressors performance.
                • Selection of compressors.
                • Capacity control for compressors.
                • Control devices for compressors.

                • Lubrication of compressors.
                • Maintenance of compressors.
                • Troubleshooting of compressors.
                • Auxiliary of gas turbines.
                • Power regulating for gas turbine and compressors.

                • Maintenance of turbines and compressors.
                • Troubleshooting of gas turbines and compressors



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