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Program Title:
Handling Hazardous Materials Awareness
05.07.2020 - 09.07.2020
$ 2750


Course Objective:

         To provide participants with guidance in the safe and proper storage and handling of Hazardous


         To learn some of the current common pollution prevention techniques being used by industry


         To assist the participants in obtaining a better appreciation and awareness of Handling

            Hazardous Materials

         To improve the participants’ skills in managing the industrial hazardous waste

         To ensure that each participant will know how to obtain environmental performance

           improvement through the implementation of ISO 14001

Course Description:

         Hazardous Material program meets world standards; candidates should recognize presence of

            Hazardous Materials & Reporting Hazards.

         The program is designed for emergency responders, who are responsible for confined space

            entries, supervising confined space operations.

         Candidates will be able to:

         Identify confined space & recognize its potential hazards.

         Cover the legal standards that require training confined space programs & duties of personnel.

Who Should Attend:

         Chemical Engineers

         Emergency Response Personnel

         Fire Fighters

         Paramedics

         Health, Safety, and Environmental Managers

         Staff responsible for managing hazardous materials

         Laboratory Technicians

         Staff wishing to reduce risk and liability arising from polluting events

         Technical assistants and anyone who has a role to play in environmental matters of the


Course Contents:

         What is a Hazardous Material?

         Classification of a Hazardous Materials

         Flammable liquid

         Flammable solid

         Oxidizer

         Corrosive

         Organic Peroxide

         Poison

         Explosive

         Compressed Gas

         Cryogenics

         Radioactive

         Biomedical

         Hazardous Materials Awareness – Level I.

         Hazardous Materials EMS Operations – Level 2

         Response to Carbon Monoxide Incidents:

         Hazards of Carbon Monoxide

         Effects of Carbon Monoxide & Detection procedures.

         Confined Space Awareness.

         Confirmed Space Operations.

         Storage of Hazardous Materials

         Handling Hazardous Materials

         Protective Measures

         Spill Procedures

         First Aid Procedures for Hazardous Materials

         Disposal of Hazardous Materials

         Management of Industrial Hazardous Waste

         Introduction to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and what it can and cannot do

         The elements of ISO 14001 and its relationship with ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)

         Some typical Hazardous Waste Regulations and the need for harmonization

         Life Cycle Management of Hazardous Wastes

         The importance of documentation in hazardous waste management

         Consideration for major incidents, contingency planning and recommended corrective actions


         Discussion of some major preventable accidents

         The importance of on-going training and simulated accidents

         The importance of regular review of emergency plans



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