Arabian American Center August Training & Development
Program Title:
Advanced Circuit Breakers
05.08.2018 - 09.08.2018
$ 2750


Course Objective:

              At the end of the course delegates will have:
                  • Developed their existing understanding of circuit breakers, their important role in power

                      networks and the principles of appropriate selection
                  • Understood the construction, the arc extinguishing principles of different types of circuit

                      breakers currently in use and the relevance to operations and maintenance.
                  • Expanded their knowledge on circuit breaker standards and the relevance to specifications

                      and procurement.

Who Should Attend:

       Engineers and Senior Technicians from Electrical Transmission and Distribution Utilities or Major Consumers with Power Distribution Networks, such as those for oil, gas, plastics, other chemicals, steel etc., production, who are directly involved in the design, specification, purchasing, maintenance or day to day Operation of Circuit Breakers.  It is also of great benefit to personnel who require a broad understanding of the role of circuit breakers in power systems due to their employment in related activities, e.g. government agencies, loan agencies etc. Design, Marketing and Project Management Personnel from manufacturers of circuit breakers should also benefit greatly from the course.

Course Contents:

                    • Introduction - Reasons for Faults - and Classification of Faults
                    • Distinction between Load and Fault Current
                    • Sources of Short-Circuit Current
                    • Rotating Machine Reactance Changes
                    • Short-circuit current asymmetry

                    • Introduction to Fault Calculations 
                    • Balanced and Unbalanced Faults
                    • Computer-based solutions
                    • Overview of Power System Protection
                    • Measurement -Voltage and Current Transformers

                    • Protective Device Characteristics
                    • Principles of Co-ordination
                    • Types of Protection Systems
                    • The Role and importance of the Circuit Breaker in Power Systems
                    • General Principles of Arc Extinction

                    • Overview of types of circuit breakers
                    • Air-Break
                    • Oil (Bulk and Low)
                    • Vacuum
                    • Air-Blast

                    • Gas
                    • Other Related Switching Devices
                    • The Single-line Diagram
                    • Substation Layouts

                    • Air-break
                    • Principles of arc extinction
                    • Power-balance theory of arcing
                    • D.C. Circuit breaking
                    • A.C. Circuit breaking

                    • Contacts and arc initiation
                    • Arc chutes
                    • Performance characteristics
                    • General Construction Principles
                    • Maintenance and Testing Requirements

                    • Oil
                    • Principles of arc extinction
                    • Factors controlling performance
                    • Gas generated during circuit breaking
                    • Typical interrupter characteristics

                    • Features of construction
                    • Contacts and conductors
                    • Normal current carrying considerations
                    • Skin and proximity effects
                    • Short-circuit current carrying considerations

                    • Mechanism Principles
                    • Insulation Principles
                    • Maintenance and Testing Requirements
                    • Vacuum
                    • History – The Early Years

                    • The Vacuum Arc – An Overview
                    • Current Interruption in Vacuum
                    • Methods of Keeping the Arc Diffuse 
                    • Current Chopping – General Implications
                    • Interruption of Direct Current

                    • Vacuum Interrupters in Series
                    • Design of Vacuum Switchgear 
                    • Maintenance and Testing Requirements
                    • SF6 Gas
                    • Properties of SF6

                    • Principles of Arc Extinction
                    • Factors controlling performance
                    • Features of construction
                    • Mechanism Principles
                    • Insulation Principles

                    • Gas Leak Problems
                    • Specific Supervision Requirements
                    • Circuit Power Factor considerations
                    • Maintenance and Testing Requirements
                    • International Standards

                    • Importance and Relevance to Specifications
                    • ANSI and IEEE
                    • IEC and IEE
                    • Operational Issues
                    • Maintenance and Testing Issues

                    • Circuit Breaker Failure and the effects on Power System Operation
                    • The Principles of Modern Substation Control Systems


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