Arabian American Center January Training & Development
Program Title:
Bulk Storage Tanks in-Service, Specification, Inspection & Maintenance
29.01.2017 - 02.02.2017
$ 4000


Course Objective:

                The course will cover:

                  • The Classification, Design and Uses of Bulk Storage Tanks
                  • The Operational Requirements
                  • The Engineering Maintenance Techniques and Requirement
                  • The Inspection Techniques & Procedures.


Who Should Attend:

       Supervisors, Engineers and Technicians responsible for the Inspection Process, Safe Operation & Maintenance of Oil Storage Tanks who should ideally have at least two years field experience. Contractors who handle Paint & Tank Repairs .


Course Contents:

                • Introduction
                • Tank Classification
                • Major Tank Components
                • Engineering Considerations
                                 o Materials of Construction
                                 o Welding Procedures
                                 o Welding Details
                                 o Inspection and Testing
                                 o Corrosion, - Product Side Corrosion, Bottom Corrosion, Vapour

                                     Space Corrosion
                                 o Designing for Corrosion
                                 o Corrosion Prevention with Linings
                                 o Cathodic Protection
                                 o Brittle Fracture

                • Spills Leaks and Prevention
                • Tank Design Basis
                                 o Shell Plate Thickness
                                 o Tank Joints
                                 o Wind Girders
                                 o Manholes
                                 o Nozzles and Reinforcement
                                 o Under Bottom Connections
                                 o Other Fittings
                                 o Design Case Study

                • Design of Tanks for Small Internal Pressures(Case Study)
                • Variable Design Point Procedure(Case Study)
                • Allowable External Loads on Tank Shell Openings(Case Study)
                • Tanks Operating at Elevated Temperatures
                • Seismic Design of Storage Tanks(Case Study)
                • Introductory Discussion on Tank Foundations
                                 o Tank Foundation Types
                                 o Design Principles

                • Fire Protection of Tanks
                                 o Control of Ignition Sources
                                 o Fire Protection Through Design and Planning
                                 o Fire Fighting Principles

                • Tank Venting
                                 o Design Guidelines
                                 o Hardware Venting Requirements

                • Frangible Roofs
                                 o Desirability for Frangible Roofs Limitations

                • Flame Detonation Arrestors
                                 o Flame Arresting Principles
                                 o Flame Arresting Devices
                                 o PV Valves as a Substitute

                • Tank Emissions
                                 o Tank Type and Emissions
                                 o Options for Controlling Emissions
                                 o Evaporation Losses in Storage Tanks
                                 o Computing Emissions
                                 o Case Study Consideration

                • Groundwater Protection
                                 o Introduction
                                 o Performance Criteria
                                 o Under-tank Materials
                                 o Configuration of Tank Bottoms
                                 o Leak Detection Methods

                • Tank Accessories
                                 o Ladders and Stairways
                                 o Platforms and Walkways
                                 o Platform and Walkway Connections
                                 o Railings
                                 o Mixers

                • Rim Seals
                                 o Mechanical Shoe Seals
                                 o Resilient Toroid Seals
                                 o Flexible Wiper Seals
                                 o Secondary Seals

                • Tank Farms and Secondary Containment
                                 o General Considerations
                                 o Secondary Containment Capacity
                                 o Environmental Protection Considerations
                                 o Basic Design Considerations
                                 o Secondary Containment Types
                                 o Materials for Secondary Containment Liners - Soil, Soil Cement,

                                    Asphalt, Membranes

                • Operations and Maintenance Considerations and Safety Aspects.

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