Arabian American Center July Training & Development
Program Title:
Developing an Effective Safety Culture
08.07.2018 - 12.07.2018
$ 3900


Course Objective:

          Participants attending the course will:
            • Have a clear understanding of human factors and their application to their organization's

                current safety cultural status
            • Be familiar with elements of safety management systems and their purpose
            • Appreciate the consequences of behavioral acts and omissions as prime causes of accidents

               and emergency situations 
           • Be able to develop a step-by-step safety cultural improvement program within their

              own organization 
           • Develop an appreciation of carrying out an HSE cultural positional assessment  
           • Develop skills for identifying, evaluating and reconciling solutions for influencing

              behavioral change improvement measures .

Who Should Attend:

       • All supervisors and line management who have assigned responsibilities within the

           organization's safety management system (SMS)
       • Production and process engineers; maintenance personnel; and HSE personnel
       • All personnel involved in planning and implementing the organization's HSE management

          system .


Course Contents:

               • Introduction to Safety Culture
                                Impact of behavioral factors on safety
                                Safety culture and safety climate
                                Improving safety performance
                                Establishing the current status of a safety culture

               • HSE Model for Safety Culture
                                Identifying problem areas
                                Planning for change
                                HSE cultural change model
                                Behavioral change improvement process

               • Safety Culture Improvement Process
                                The ‘Assess’ stage – use of diagnostic tools
                                The ‘Plan’ stage: selection of intervention tools
                                The ‘Do’ stage
                                The ‘Monitor’ stage
                                The ‘Re-assess’ stage

               • Safety Management Systems
                                Safety management system framework 
                                Essential safety management system components
                                Developing an effective safety management system

               • Step Change Safety Culture Program
                                Implementation of the ‘Step Change’ safety culture improvement program
                                Case study - safety climate survey tools
                                Case study - managing people and their attitudes to safety
                                Case study -developing HSE culture assessment questionnaires
                                Personal action plans and the way ahead



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