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Program Title:
Human Resources management { best practice }
28.07.2019 - 01.08.2019
$ 2750


Course Objective:

              • Develop functional specialist knowledge and generalist HR knowledge to enhance the synergy

                 of the job family.

              • Apply functional knowledge as required in HR processes like manpower/recruitment/


                 promotion transaction/job evaluation etc.

              • Represent the Team to internal customers in resolving questions and queries.



    Achieve high performance by driving goals, taking initiative and planning ahead within and outside of own area of responsibility.


Who Should Attend:

              • This program is designed to provide senior managers, managers, HR/OD personnel, and

                   interested staff with the skills and knowledge that will enable them and their organizations

                   to successfully build proactive manpower organizations and integrated succession

                   planning policies and procedures.

              • All personnel involved in the human resources business will find this course very valuable.

              • This program is suitable as well for individuals that have been involved for long time in

                   Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing processes or will choose a career in that direction.

                   It will be of particular benefit to those who want to explore opportunities for improving their

                   current recruitment and selection process in their own organization as well as building upon

                   their existing personal skills.

              • Understanding the best practice of hrm and how it is useful.

Course Contents:

      Module 1: Need for Human Resources Management

              • Topic 1: Human Resources Management-Roles and Responsibilities

              • Topic 2: The Changing Role of HRM and Growing Professionalism within the HR Function

              • Topic 3: HRM Challenges in the Twenty-First Century

              • Topic 4: Legal issues in HRM

      Module 2: Matching HR Needs and People

              • Topic 1: Job Design

              • Topic 2: Job Analysis

              • Topic 3: Human Resources Planning

              • Topic 4: Understanding a Shifting Labor Market

      Module 3: Developing People

              • Topic 1: Employee Orientation and Socialization

              • Topic 2: Training and Development

              • Topic 3: Performance Management

              • Topic 4: HR's Role in Setting a Climate for People Development

      Module 4: Compensation and Recognition

              • Topic 1: Employee Compensation

              • Topic 2: Incentives and Rewards

              • Topic 3: Employee Benefits and Services

              • Topic 4: Trends in Compensation and Benefits

      Module 5: Recruitment and Selection

              • Topic 1: Recruitment Strategies

              • Topic 2: Processes for Selecting the Best Candidate

              • Topic 3: Legal Issues Related to Recruitment and Selection

      Module 6: Developing a Healthy Work Environment and Effective Employee Relations

              • Topic 1: Occupational Health and Safety Legislation - Creating a Safe Work Environment

              • Topic 2: The Human Rights Code - Establishing a Positive Work Environment

              • Topic 3: Foundations of Effective Employee Relations

              • Topic 4: Labor-Management Relations

              • Topic 5: Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

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