Arabian American Center January Training & Development
Program Title:
Electrical Power System Protection
29.01.2017 - 02.02.2017
$ 2600


Course Objective:

             • To ensure participants develop their existing knowledge and are acquainted with latest

                 developments in Power System Protection
             • To ensure participants Interpret system faults from protection system alarms and

             • To ensure participants will be able to determine the necessary corrective actions 
             • To ensure that information and instruction are in safe operating procedures in electrical

                protection schemes, including elements of maintenance of HV and LV protection relay systems.


Who Should Attend:

              • Engineers and Technicians from Electrical Transmission and Distribution Utilities or

                  Major Consumers with Power Distribution Networks, such as those for oil and gas

                  production, who are directly involved in the design, specification, purchasing, maintenance

                  or day to day Operation of System Protection. 
              • It is also of great benefit to personnel who require a broad understanding of power system

                  protection due to their employment in related activities, e.g. government agencies, loan

                  agencies etc.
              • Design, Marketing and Project Management Personnel from manufacturers of power

                   system protection equipment should also benefit greatly from the course.

Course Contents:

                     • Revision of Electrical Fundamentals
                     • Power System Overview
                     • Electricity Demand and Commercial Activity
                     • Generating Stations
                     • Transmission Network Components and Substation Layouts

                     • Faults and Fault Levels
                     • The reasons for faults
                     • Distinction between load current and fault current
                     • Sources of short-circuit current
                     • Symmetrical and asymmetrical currents

                     • X/R ratio and the DC component
                     • Fault Level Calculations 
                     • How to calculate fault currents in power networks
                     • Introductino to Power Application Software
                     • Role, Types and Selection

                     • Introduction to power system protection
                     • classification of faults
                     • System earthing
                     • Fault Analysis
                     • Principles of the Circuit Breaker

                     • Protection Philosophy
                     • Substation and Network Layouts
                     • Categories of Protection
                     • Properties of Protection
                     • Discrimination Principles

                     • Zones of Protection
                     • Back-up Protection
                     • Main forms of Protection Relaying Systems for Networks
                     • Relay Applications
                     • Protection Discrimination

                     • Unit protection
                     • Overall protection
                     • Measurement transformers (PT’s and CT’s)
                     • Basic Function of Protection
                     • The Over-current Relay

                     • Distance Relays
                     • Differential Relays
                     • Pilot wire relaying
                     • Protection Philosophy
                     • Protection Co-ordination Studies using Power Application Software

                     • Testing & Maintenance
                     • Commissioning Procedures
                     • Primary Injection
                     • Secondary Injection
                     • Maintenance Policies

                     • Maintenance Procedures
                     • Summary and Numerical Relays
                     • Protection systems for  
                                     * Overhead lines
                                     * Underground cables
                                     * Busbars
                                     * Transformers

                     • Processing
                                     * Substation control
                                     * Remote control center data acquisition and control
                                     * Motors
                     • Auxiliary relays
                     • Supervision relaying
                     • Introduction to the solid state relay
                     • Modern substations and control center applications
                     • Intelligent alarm



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