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Program Title:
The Control & Management of Offshore & Marine H.V Power Systems
شرم الشيخ
29.01.2017 - 02.02.2017
$ 3000


    This course is designed for candidates involved in the management and operation of marine/offshore high voltage power systems requiring an understanding of the principles of power generation and high voltage distribution systems and how to safely control and manage abnormal situations such as power failures and emergencies. The course also introduces the safe operation of high voltage systems but it does not authorize participants to carry out high voltage switching operations

    Non-electrical personnel responsible for the safe control and management of high voltage power systems in a marine or offshore environment.

    To give participants an understanding of the functional, operational and safety requirements for marine and offshore high voltage systems and the remedial action necessary during system faults. This course is not intended to authorize participants to carry out switching duties

Outline Contents:
                • Statutory electrical regulations
                • Situation / stress management
                • Operational and safety features of switchgear
                • High voltage safety rules and procedures
                • An introduction to electrical protection               

                • Synchronization and control of generators 

                • An outline of DCS and SCADA systems
                • An introduction to power management systems 
                • The operation of power systems during planned and fault situations
                • Action to be taken during loss of high voltage control facilities
                • Simulated and practical exercises 
                • Course review

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