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Program Title:
Pressure Vessel Inspector Preparatory (API – 510)
شرم الشيخ
27.05.2018 - 31.05.2018
$ 3000


Program Objectives:

      This training course is designed to train individuals who are interested in obtaining the API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification, as well as those who are seeking a better understanding of API 510 Standards, ASME Section VIII and IX code requirements.


Program Outlines:

     This course covers Calculation of Heads, Corroboration, ASME Code Structure, Function & Requirements, How to use ASME Code, Sections VIII Division I, V, IV, Pressure Vessel Construction & Calculations, Welding Processes & Qualification Requirements, Non- destructive Examination, Maintenance Inspection, Fabrication Requirements, API 510 Pressure Inspection Code, Impact Testing, Cylindrical Components under Internal and External pressure, Requirements of Pressure Testing, Nondestructive Testing & Welding Requirements, Rating, Repairs & Alterations & Test Taking Tips, Practical Questions and Answers, Daily Quizzes & Home work assignments are also covered. Participants are required to bring only non-programmable calculators.


Who Should Attend:

      Personnel involved in Pressure Vessels, interacting with Inspectors, Quality Managers, Plant Engineer, Supervisors and other interested persons. Individuals responsible for evaluating the mechanical integrity of in-service pressure vessels in process plant applications and Managers responsible for implementing a pressure vessel maintenance program and desire an understanding of applicable evaluation procedures.


Daily Course Plan & Contents:

                o Main Pressure Vessel Components
                o Stress analysis
                o Stress failure theories according to API510 code 
                o How to use ASME Code, Sections VIII , Division 1
                o Basic Causes of Pressure Vessel Accidents

                o Materials of constructions
                o Case studies & Workshop

                o Pressure vessel design
                o Design condition and loading pressure, temperature and other loading factors

                o Pressure vessel design (cont.)

                o Fabrication

                o Inspection and testing
                o Case studies & Workshop

                oWelded steel tank pressure vessels fabrications

                oWelded steel  pressure vessels erection

                o Methods of inspecting and testing
                o General requirements
                o Radiographic examination (RT)
                o Ultrasonic examination (UT)
                o Liquid penetrant examination (PT)
                o Magnetic particle examination (MT)
                o Eddy current examination (ET)
                o Visual examination (VT)
                o Leak testing (LT)
                o Acoustic emission examination (AE)

                o API 510 Pressure Inspection Code
                o Requirements, Rating, Repairs & Alterations
                o Marking and record keeping
                o Case studies & Workshop

                o Descriptive guide to the ASME code Section VIII, division I
                o  Design for safety
                o  Basic Causes of Pressure Vessel Accidents
                o  Corrosion Failures
                o  Stress Failures
                o  Pressure Relief Devices

                o Guide to quality control system for ASME code vessels
                o Shop Inspection 
                o Field Assembly Inspection

                o Operator qualification
                o  Examination of Procedure and Operator
                o  Welding Details and Symbols
                o  Effects of Welding Heat

                o  Practical Questions and Answers
                o  Final Test
                o  Evaluation

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