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Program Title:
Advanced Capital Project & Project Quality: Management, Cost Engineering, Evaluation,& Decision Maki
شرم الشيخ
31.12.2017 - 04.01.2018
$ 3000


Course Objective:

               By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

                    • Better schedule using CPM and PERT
                    • Better project control and evaluation: Earned value and audit report
                    • Track issues and balancing strategy and tactics in the project life cycle
                    • Measure how your decision making process in project management 
                    • Better estimate your project costs and durations 
                    • Better control on labor productivity & quality
                    • Identify, prioritize, and manage, project risks.

Who Should Attend:

      Project management is being increasingly recognized as a vital skill-set for many management positions, not just those with the title of “project manager”. The course is designed for Managers and Engineers who are directly responsible for the management of engineering projects. It is also beneficial to Engineers in the Design and Procurement field who by the nature of their work are required to work closely with Project Teams during the planning and implementation phases of projects.


Course Contents:

                                  • Introduction to Project Management
                                                    o What is a Project
                                                    o What is Project Management
                                                    o History of Project Management
                                                    o Project Management Processes: Initiation, Planning, Execution,

                                                        Controlling & Monitoring & Close-Out
                                                    o System View of Project Management
                                                    o Phases and Project Life Cycle
                                                    o Understanding Organizations
                                                    o Project Management Process Groups
                                                    o Methodology


                                  • Planning Concepts
                                                    o Project Plans
                                                    o The Project Management “Environment”
                                                    o Project Balance
                                                    o Execution Objectives
                                                    o Control Objectives


                                  • Meetings and Reviews
                                                    o Status Review Meetings
                                                    o Keys to a Successful Status Meeting
                                                    o Status Meeting Agendas
                                                    o Meeting Minutes
                                                    o Project Reviews
                                                    o Phase-exit Reviews
                                                    o Tracking Issues and Action Items
                                                    o Issue Resolution
                                                    o Case Study, Templates
                                                    o Estimate needs vs the Project Life Cycle
                                                    o Estimate Approaches
                                                    o Estimate Methods
                                                    o Conceptual vs Detailed methods


                                  • Project Quality Management
                                                    o Quality Planning
                                                    o Project Quality Management
                                                    o Quality Improvement
                                                    o Quality Assurance / Quality Control
                                                    o Quality Audits
                                                    o Quality Control Techniques
                                                    o Inspection / Testing
                                                    o Case Study, Templates


                                  • Project Risk Management
                                                    o What is a Risk ?
                                                    o Risk Categories & Checklist
                                                    o Qualitative Risk Analysis
                                                    o Rating Impact
                                                    o Probability-Impact Matrix
                                                    o Risk Response Planning
                                                    o Risk Avoidance, Risk Transference, Risk Mitigation, Risk Acceptance
                                                    o Risk Response Plans
                                                    o Other Risk Terms


                                  • Project Control
                                                    o Cost Control – The Basics
                                                    o Control of Project Changes
                                                    o Role of Cost Engineer


                                   • Project Procurement Management
                                                    o Procurement Planning
                                                    o Contract Types, contractors selection
                                                    o Fixed-Price (Lump Sum)
                                                    o Cost-reimbursable
                                                    o Procurement Management Plan
                                                    o Procurement Documents
                                                    o RFP’s vs. RFQ’s
                                                    o Evaluation Criteria
                                                    o Solicitation
                                                    o Source Selection
                                                    o Contract Administration
                                                    o Contract Closure

                                  • Project Integration and Human Resource Management
                                                    o Work Authorization System
                                                    o Sources of Power
                                                    o Leadership Styles & Theories
                                                    o Conflict Management
                                                    o Estimating Man-hours and costs


                                  • Project Evaluation
                                                    o Control and Evaluation principles
                                                    o Characteristics of a project control system
                                                    o Components of a project control system
                                                    o Conducting the project audit
                                                    o The audit report
                                                    o Project Control using Earned-Value Analysis
                                                    o Using variance or earned value analysis in project control
                                                    o Refining the analysis
                                                    o The need for all three measures
                                                    o Variance analysis using hours only


                                  • Project Control
                                                    o Cost Control – The Basics
                                                    o Control of Project Changes


                                  • Current Situation
                                                    o External Noise
                                                    o Internal Noise
                                                    o Perception
                                                    o Testing Hypotheses

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