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Program Title:
Pipeline Inspection & Testing
06.05.2018 - 10.05.2018
$ 3500


Course Description:
                  • The course will review the basic requirements of the ASME B31 Code for Pressure Piping.
                  • Topics include: design conditions, pipe sizing, pressure design, flexibility analysis, material,

                     fabrication, examination, testing, and mechanical integrity for existing piping systems, as

                     provided in API 570 Piping Inspection Code.


Course Objective:

                • To provide the participant with a complete and up-to-date overview of the area of
                    Piping Technology
                • The participant will learn the design, fabrication, examination and testing requirements of

                     ASME B31
                • Familiarizing the participant with the related standards for inspection and repair of piping

                    systems that have been in service, as provided in API 570, Piping Inspection Code
                • The participant will gain a deep understanding of the physical phenomena which affect the

                    operation, durability of piping systems
                • Participant will learn to calculate the pipe schedule, and pipe size that serve certain

                • Participant will learn different methods of pipe inspection and testing based on related

                    Codes and Standards
                • Participant will be exposed to different methods of checking pipe flexibility


Who Should Attend:
                Engineers and Technicians of mechanical, and chemical engineering background will benefit

                largely from this workshop. Maintenance, Operation, inspection, and R and D People should

                also attend this course.


Course Contents:

                    • Basics of Piping
                    • Pipe Dimensions and Schedule number
                    • Pipe Manufacturing Methods
                    • Welded and Seamless Pipes
                    • Pipe Drawing Symbols

                    • Types of pipes – application wise
                    • Standard pipe
                    • Pressure pipe
                    • Line pipe
                    • Piping Materials

                    • Chemical properties
                    • Mechanical properties
                    • Physical properties
                    • Property stability
                    • Classification of steel

                    • Steel heat treating practices
                    • Aging of properties
                    • Piping Codes and Standards
                    • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
                    • ASME B31: Code for pressure piping

                    • API Specifications (Spec), Recommended Practices (RP), and Standards (Std.)
                    • Spec. 5L-90: Specification for Line Pipe
                    • American Welding Society - AWS Welding Handbook
                    • Pipeline Design
                                    o Design Parameters
                                                   Maximum Operating Pressure
                                                   Flow Rate of Oil or Gas
                                                   Delivery Pressure
                                                   Pressure Drop
                                                   Pumping Power

                                    o Failure Theories

                                    o Design Criteria

                                                   Maximum Allowable Stress

                                                   Maximum Allowable Pressure

                                                   Construction Factor

                                    o Steel Selection
                                    o Pipe Sizing
                                                   Pipe Diameter

                                    o Pipe thickness calculation
                 • Pipe Schedule

                 • Pump and Compressor Stations
                 • Originating and booster Stations
                 • Pump Selection
                 • Parallel and Series Operation
                 • Pipeline Installation

                 • Off-shore and on-shore installations
                 • Welding Techniques
                 • Welding Processes
                 • Welding Procedures
                 • Weld Passes

                 • Inspection and Testing
                 • Visual Inspection
                 • Non-Destructive Testing
                 • Class designation
                 • Hydrostatic testing

                 • Pigging for Cleaning and Monitoring
                 • Types of Pigs
                 • Monitoring Internal Corrosion
                 • Pipe Repair
                 • Buried pipelines

                 • Corrosion and Cathodic Protection
                 • Pipe Coating
                 • Stress Analysis
                 • Flexibility Analysis Methods

                 • Flexibility Analysis Demonstration

                 • Equipment Load Limits
                 • Cold Spring
                 • Elastic Follow-up
                 • Fluid Service Requirements



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