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Program Title:
Fire Classes & Extinguishers
02.06.2019 - 06.06.2019
$ 2750


Overview & Course Objective:

     International surveys of portable fire extinguishers noted that 80% of the incidents reported, were extinguished before the arrival of the emergency services and that portable extinguishers form the first line of defence both in extinguishing or, once a fire has taken hold, in aiding escape. Portable extinguishers require regular servicing and maintenance and must be sited according to the fire risk.


    This intensive course is run over five days with practical exercise and case study taking place on the fifth day and will provide both theoretical knowledge and practical experience of carrying out servicing and maintenance of portable extinguisher.


    Delegates will learn the theory of fire and of extinguishing, including the fire triangle, fire ratings and flammable materials before moving on to portable extinguishers, selecting and positioning the right extinguisher for the area, carrying out servicing including a hands on period where delegates will be expected to carry out an inspection and service simulation on a range of extinguishers.


   This fast paced course trains delegates to the highest standards to enable them to be equipped to deal with all problems they will face within the industry, with technical back up.


Who Should Attend:

    Technicians that will be carrying out servicing and maintenance of portable extinguishers should attend this course, particularly anyone that intends joining third party certification schemes in this field. This course would also be recommended for anyone likely to answer technical questions regarding portable extinguishers and their use including sales staff.


Course Contents:

               • The theory of fire

               • Sources of Fire

               • Classes of fire/ Types & Applications

               • Definitions of a portable extinguisher

               • Types of fire extinguishers


               • Choosing the Correct Fire Extinguisher

               • Identifying a Fire Extinguisher/ Markings of fire extinguishers

               • Fire ratings

               • Assessing a Fire Situation

               • Provision and siting of extinguishers/ Location of fire extinguishers

               • Inspection and Maintenance

               • Inspection periods

               • Certification

               • Extinguishing agents

               • Maintenance requirements

               • Carrying out a service

               • Practical Training Case Study (Watching a video/ providing a classroom demonstration

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