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Program Title:
Human Resources Management
شرم الشيخ
06.05.2018 - 10.05.2018
$ 3000


Course Objective

   At the end of this training, the participants will be able to:

·       Understanding the role of decision models when taking decisions using analytical marketing.

·        Following the main steps in determining, designing, testing and executing opportunities

·       Determining the type of questions to be raised and those of such questions that can be answered

·       Identifying how to read and explain market researches pertinent to products and services

·       Creativity in researches information and methods of inferring ideas

·       Testing the product, he concatenation thereof and market test

·       Breaking down work elements to better understand the market trend

·       Determining the different production lines which required different strategies

·       Analyzing current sales volume, type of customer, region and application to identify the important markets

·       Determining the market sectors which provide and require the market different trends

·        Determining the product characteristics thought to be the best by the customer

·        Assessing the know-how by virtue of which competitors conduct in relation to the such important characteristics

·       Analyzing who takes the purchasing decision in markets in which the dealings are conducted

·       Reviewing the competitors in detail to determine their strategies, strengths and weaknesses

·        Determining the issues related to the product's strengths and their counterpart weaknesses at the competitors

·       Creating a new marketing blend comprising the product and prices.... Etc

·       Assessing foreign markets to determine business opportunities 18. Finding mediators to enable you enter foreign markets.

Who Should Attend

  This course is intended for all personnel and staff who work in the

   field of marketing and those who need to refine and enhance their  skills in that field.

Course Contents

·       Marketing Information System (MIS)

·       Marketing Information System Fuels other Systems

·       Building the MIS Database

·       What Market Research Does

·       Who does Marketing Research

·       Product/Market MR Applications

·         Sales and market research

·         Business Economics

·         Product Research

·         Advertising Research

·       Market Research Applications differ by industry and roles

·       Key Market Research Considerations

·         Validity

·         Reliability

·       Key Market Research Constraints

·                Complex Subjects

·                Crude Instruments

·                Poor Controls

·                Time Constraints

·       The Market Research Process: Formulate, Compile, Analyze, & Recommend

·                Define research problem and objectives

·                Conduct a situation analysis

·                Design a research plan

·                Collect primary data

·                Analyze data

·                Make recommendations

·                Implement recommendations

·       How to set up global MIS & MR procedures

·       What information will we need:

·                Market information

·                Competitive information

·                Foreign exchange

·                Perspective information

·                Resource information

·                General conditions

·       Who will collect the data

·       How will the global MR effort be structured

·                Centralized structure

·                Decentralized structure

·                Coordinated approach

·       What secondary data sources are available for conducting MR

·                Identifying information sources

·                Specialized consultation services

·                Finding worthwhile target markets/customer/distributors

·                Promoting products

·       Marketing Research: Tools and Techniques

·       Differences between exploratory and conclusive research

·       Conclusive MR generates primary data

·       Designing the research plan

·       Collecting, processing, and applying primary data

·         Collecting data through observations

·         Collecting data through surveys

·         Questionnaire design: a key step                      

·         Questionnaire objectives

·         Types of questionnaires

·         Modes of communication

·         Constructing the questionnaire

·       Interpreting data with statistics and experiments

·         Statistical methods

·         Experimental methods

·         Test markets as experiments

·       Coding and tabulating data

·         Coding

·         Tabulations

·          Analysis

·       Generating conclusions and making recommendations

·       Implementation and feedback

·       Improving research results

·       Product Planning: Product / market growth strategies

·         Overview

·         Products define customers, competitors & marketing MIX

·         Products defined: bundles of satisfaction

·         Consumer / industrial products defined


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