Arabian American Center July Training & Development
Program Title:
Beam Pumps - BP
29.07.2018 - 02.08.2018
$ 3900


About the Course :

     Beam pumping systems are the most common method of artificial lift in the US and some other parts of the world. This course will allow the user to become familiar with the system and when it should be used. Students learn how to compare to other systems to select the best system for a given well whether it may be beam pumping or another method of lift. All components will be described in detail. Design and analysis will be done using advanced computer programs. Some films will be show mostly illustrating either new products or best practices. A few problems will be solved by the class members each day. At the end of the course the attendee will know the best applications for beam pumps and what rates can be produced from a given depth. The user will know how to combat specific problems with specific equipment used in the system. The user will know what power efficiency is, how to design a system with high efficiency and how to analyze a system to determine the current efficiency. The attendee will see how companies have kept records of operations so as to achieve constant improvement in operations. 

     Although computer programs are used for design and analysis, the course contains a lot of best practice which is instrumental in maintaining a profitable artificial lift program using beam pump systems. Beam pumping is said by many to be the artificial lift system of choice when it is applicable and one should have a reason for not applying the beam pump system.

     Problems addressing solids, gas handling and viscosity are addressed. Best practices are stressed throughout so a long lasting system can be developed for maximum profit. SCADA controls and POC are discussed to monitor equipment loading and to achieve maximum production from a given installation.


Course Objective:

               • Identify all components of the beam pump system
               • Compare designs to other artificial lift methods
               • Design and analyze a system using up to date computer programs, and why different program

                  can provide different results
               • Apply best practices for longer system life
               • Improve efficiency of the system
               • Combat gas, solids, corrosion and viscosity in the produce fluids
               • Combat rod compression near the pump
               • Use record failures and data so as to best solve future problems

Who Should Attend:

      Engineers and field technicians who are responsible for the selection, operation, and maintenance of beam pumping systems

Course Contents:

                      o Reservoir considerations
                      o Overview of artificial lift
                      o Design and analysis of the beam pump system
                      o Prime mover
                      o Belts

                      o Sheaves
                      o Gear box
                      o Unit
                      o Polished rod
                      o Wellhead / stuffing box 

                    o Rods 
                    o Pump 
                    o Tubing 
                    o Artificial lift efficiency

                    o Heavy oil considerations

                    o Gas separation/handling
                    o Best practices for operation
                    o Component design
                    o System analysis
                    o Pump off controllers

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