Arabian American Center July Training & Development
Program Title:
Oilfield Water Production, Handling and Injection
شرم الشيخ
08.07.2018 - 12.07.2018
$ 3200


Course Objective:

              o Specify water quality requirements for a water injection project
              o Simulate the impact of water quality on injector performance
              o Make facilities decisions to ensure good long-term well injectivity
              o Conduct diagnosis of water production problems
              o Identify potential sources of produced water
              o Select possible remediation methods for water shutoff
              o Choose facilities to better handle produced water shutoff
              o Test injection wells to identify injection profiles
              o Select injection well patterns for optimizing waterfloods
              o Simulate the impact of thermal effects on injection well performance
              o Evaluate the impact of growing fractures on waterflood performance .


Who Should Attend:

   Reservoir, production, and surface facilities engineers responsible for providing reservoir engineering support, facilities planning and drilling/completions recommendations for oil and gas assets, engineers and other personnel involved in providing equipment and chemicals for diagnosing / reducing water production, improving injector performance and treating produced water .


Course Contents:

                    o Introduction: Causes of excess water production
                    o Data collection for problem identification
                    o Identifying the causes of excess water production
                    o Wellbore and near-wellbore water shutoff technologies
                    o Gels for water shutoff
                    o Polymer flooding
                    o Down-hole sink technology
                    o Selection of water control treatment

                    o Analysis and treatment of produced water
                    o Scale, bacteria and corrosion problems 
                    o Injection well testing
                    o Water quality requirements for re-injection and surface disposal 
                    o Fractured injection wells
                    o Injection into unconsolidated sands (with sand control)
                    o Impact of water re-injection on reservoir performance
                    o Economics and post treatment analysis



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