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Program Title:
Fundamentals of the Safe Operation of Marine/Offshore H.V Power Systems
شرم الشيخ
05.08.2018 - 09.08.2018
$ 3800


     This is an advanced training program that requires a good foundation of electrical knowledge. It is designed to bring candidates up to a "Senior Authorized" level. However, the course does not provide the 'authorization' itself. The course is a marine/ offshore development from our S4 course.


     Marine/offshore personnel with a prior knowledge of the inspection, operation, maintenance, and repair of high voltage systems and who are to be responsible for switching and issue of safety documents (such as electrical permits to work).

     To improve the understanding of HV/LV power systems including statutory regulations, safe operation, protection, maintenance and fault diagnosis on a wide range of marine/ offshore power equipment. Also to enable candidates to perform HV switching operations on marine offshore power equipment and to prepare them for HV authorization in accordance with their companies' safety regulations..


Outline Contents:

                    •  UK and other national marine/offshore statutory electrical regulations
                    •  Electrical hazards and precautions
                    •  Arrangement of high voltage switch rooms
                    •  Operation and safety features of switchgear
                    •  Operational Procedures
                    •  Marine/offshore high voltage safety rules
                    •  Issue and control of safety documentation

                    •  Key safes and Iso-lok systems 
                    •  Appreciation of fault levels
                    •  Marine/offshore application of electrical protection
                    •  Emergency conditions 
                    •  Practical exercises (3-switching/ safety documents/ synchronization)
                    •  Case studies
                    •  Course review

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