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Program Title:
Industrial Fire Risk Assessment, Safety & Emergency Planning
شرم الشيخ
19.04.2020 - 23.04.2020
$ 3200


Course Objective:

            At the end of the course, participants will:

                • Learn how to carry out a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment

                • Means of detecting and giving warning in the event of a fire

                • Means of escape and emergency lighting

                • Understand the requirements for Signage and Fire-fighting equipment

                • How to provide Staff with information on risks and training

                • Understand that requirements of a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment and Training Needs

                   Analysis for key responders

                • Learn how to keep a safer industrial environment for you and your company

                • Learn the techniques for implementing effective Safety Management Systems and

                   Emergency Plans

                • Understand the necessities for an efficient and timely response.

Who Should Attend:

           • This interactive course will benefit anyone who desires to develop an organizational

                understanding of Fire and Safety competences to allow them to carry out Fire Risk

                Assessment processes, prepare emergency plans and so enhance their careers.

           • It is also intended for those who are responsible for enhancing fire safety awareness and

                emergency planning practices in industrial applications.


           • Health safety and environment professionals and representatives; emergency response

               team members/leaders; fire and security officers

           • Others who may find themselves in a leadership position when responding to a major

               emergency or involved in implementing the company’s Health Safety and Environmental

               Safety Management Systems.

Course Contents:

                • Principles of Industrial Fire Risk Assessment, Safety & Emergency Planning

                           Fire precautions regulations and legislation

                           Basics of Fire Safety and the cost of fires   

                           Four steps to a successful Fire Risk Assessment

                           Methodology and checklist for carrying one out    

                           Checklists – ignition and fuel sources       

                           Design and construction requirements for exit routes      

                           Checklists - Escape Routes; Lighting; Stairways; Emergency Exits; Escape

                              Doors; Alarms & hardware

                           Fire fighting equipment and fixed extinguishing systems

                           Evacuation Procedures - including Bomb Threats

                           Workshop -Theory into practice - Delegates to carry out  an inspection and

                              Fire Risk Assessment


                • Effective Safety, Fire Prevention and Emergency Planning Program

                           Fire prevention policy:

                           Portable Fire Extinguishers (PFE)  

                           Class of Fires

                           Class Discussion on use and limitations of PFE followed by PFE Quiz

                           Fire Protection and Fire Prevention Measures

                           Safety and your emergency action plan/s

                           Information gathering and processing of plans

                           Consider by function, the personnel involved in the planning process

                           Twelve emergency planning steps & Roles and Responsibilities

                           Workshop - Theory into practice - Delegates to compile an Evacuation Plan

                           Conducting a Training Needs Analysis and the Identification of roles – Fire

                              Wardens, Incident Controllers, others?

                           Case Study – Piper Alpha – when all the planning goes wrong


                • Communications, Emergency and Evacuation Drills and Exercises

                            Guidance on developing fire training, drills and exercises;   

                            Exercise Design Formula 

                            Learning from evacuation drills & fire-fighting exercises   

                            Feedback for future assessments, emergency action plans & procedures;

                            Checklists for a prolonged incident involving an evacuation

                            Emergency Centers, Staffing, facilities and reporting facilities

                            Alerting and Warning. Communicating with staff, neighbors or public

                            Communications. Public/media, maintain continuity flow of information

                            Reputation Management

                            Case Study – Mexico City, Pemex 1984


               • Essentials of Safety Management Systems

                            European Union Directives: Control of Major Accident & Hazard Regulations

                            On Site Safety Management Systems

                            On and Off-site Emergency Plans

                            Case Study – Flixborough 1974 UK

                            Incident Command Systems

                            On-scene management.  How to quickly establish a reliable information flow from

                              the scene, co-ordination all resources, on and off site;

                            Post-incident evaluations, de-briefs and reports

                            Case Study – Texas City, USA, 2005


                 • Maintenance of equipment, plans and procedures - exercising.


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