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Program Title:
Refinery Gas Treating, Sour Water, Sulfur and Tail Gas
21.07.2019 - 25.07.2019
$ 3900


Course Objective:

           • Safety concerns with handling H2S and H2S rich streams
           • Composition of typical refinery sour gas and acid gas feeds and their characterization
           • The different types of amines: advantages and disadvantages
           • How to select an amine from the various types available and calculate amine circulation

              rates required
           • How to select a sour water processing scheme
           • How to select sulfur recovery unit configuration
           • About the economics of tail gas treatment plant selection to meet legislation
           • Individual processes, engineering, materials, and construction challenges
           • How to handle the operation of units, interaction and challenges encountered
           • How to maximize reliability
           • How to increase sulfur removal and recovery by debottlenecking, changing solvents,

             and sulfur plant oxygen injection.


Who Should Attend:

     Personnel in the gas treating, sulfur recovery and environmental conservation areas of the petroleum refining business. Management, process engineers, and operators who work in: acid gas absorption, principally H2S, using non-selective and selective amines to keep refineries within SO2 emission compliance limits; maintaining spent water within recycling or compliance limits of H2S, ammonia and other potential contaminants; the safe and reliable operation of amine and Claus plants while maximizing sulfur recovery to meet statutory requirements.


Course Contents:

             • Source and compositions of refinery sour gas and sour water streams
             • Types of sulfur compounds and ammonia and their affects on treating, stripping, and

                sulfur recovery
             • Gas treating with amines – Acid Gas Removal Unit (ARU)
             • Sour water stripping (SWS)
             • Elemental sulfur recovery – Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU)
             • Tail gas treating – Tail Gas Unit / Tail Gas Clean Up (TGU /TGCU)
             • Incineration




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