Arabian American Center January Training & Development
Program Title:
Gas Conditioning and Processing
06.01.2019 - 10.01.2019
$ 3900


Course Objective:

             • To determine the water content and hydrate formation conditions for gas streams using

                both a commercial process simulator and hand calculation methods
            • Techniques to inhibit hydrate formation including injection of equilibrium inhibitors such as

                 methanol and MEG
            • Simulation of TEG dehydration processes and evaluation of the simulator results by using

                 quick hand calculations
            • Design of processes used to control the hydrocarbon dew point of sales gas streams by

                 removing NGL’s using mechanical refrigeration processes
            • Various techniques to optimize mechanical refrigeration systems
            • How to use the process simulator to evaluate the impact that pressure and temperature

                 changes have on the sizing of process equipment
            • How to use short-cut distillation calculations to provide input to rigorous distillation

                simulations in order to obtain consistent convergence
           • Which thermodynamic property correlations are the best applications for various gas

                processing systems
           • Limitations associated with commercial simulation packages and how the simulation results

                can be quickly checked for relative accuracy.


Who Should Attend:

     Engineers who desire an intensive training in natural gas processing and associated liquids recovery processes with emphasis on the use and benefits of a simulation package.


Course Contents:

                      • Gas processing systems
                      • Physical properties of hydrocarbons
                      • Qualitative phase behavior
                      • Vapor-liquid equilibrium
                      • Water-hydrocarbon equilibrium
                      • Basic thermodynamic concepts 
                      • Separation equipment
                      • Heat transfer
                      • Pumps
                      • Compressors
                      • Refrigeration
                      • Fractionation/distillation
                      • Glycol dehydration
                      • Adsorption systems




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