Arabian American Center January Training & Development
Program Title:
Gas Processing & Handling
13.01.2019 - 17.01.2019
$ 3900


Course Objective:

              • Oil and gas facilities terminology
              • How gas processing fits into the value chain for hydrocarbon products
              • About key commercial and contract issues
              • How gas is transported and sold
              • The difference between various gas conditioning and processing technologies
              • Why various treatment processes and technology are selected for differing gas

                  compositions and processing applications
              • Technical fundamentals, property correlations, phase behavior and applied thermodynamics
              • How to apply physical and thermodynamic property calculations with emphasis on

                  limitations and applications to facility / equipment design
              • How to apply phase behavior principles and phase diagrams to design and operating problems
              • How to apply thermodynamic laws and principles to equipment design and operation
              • Principles of gas measurement and common measurement devices
              • Markets and uses for NGL, LPG, ethane, propane and butane
              • Key pieces of equipment used in natural gas production and processing facilities


Who Should Attend:

           • Geologists, reservoir engineers, line managers, operational staff, shift foremen, those new

              to the industry such as entry-level engineers or anyone interested in a general, technically

              oriented overview of the gas processing industry
           • Oil and gas process and facility personnel in need of understanding gas processing fundamentals

              and their applications to solve practical problems.


Course Contents:

                     • Industry overview
                     • Gas processing fundamentals
                     •  Gas processing systems
                     • Terminology
                     • Chemistry of oil and gas

                     •  Separation equipment
                     • Markets, gas contracts and specifications
                     • Technical fundamentals, e.g. physical properties and phase behavior
                     • Oil and gas production facilities
                     • Hydrates, hydrate inhibition

                     • Gas dehydration
                     • Gas sweetening and sulfur recovery
                     • Acid gas reinjection
                     • Natural gas liquids and dew point control 
                     • Nitrogen rejection and helium recovery

                     • Fractionation and stabilization
                     • Heat exchange and compression
                     • Hydrocarbon phase behavior
                     • Vapor liquid equilibrium
                     • Physical properties of hydrocarbons

                     • Applied thermodynamics
                     • Gas transportation options
                     • Emerging technology

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