Arabian American Center July Training & Development
Program Title:
Reading Schematics and Symbols Course
شرم الشيخ
01.07.2018 - 05.07.2018
$ 3200


Program Objectives:
                • To learn and understand to recognize / read schematics and symbols.

Program Outlines:
                • Introduction to symbols in schematics.
                • Piping Symbols, Flow diagram symbols and instruction symbols.
                • Isometric.
                • Hydraulic and pneumatic.
                • Air conditions and refrigeration symbols.
                • Welding joints symbols.

Who Should Attend:
                • Engineers

Intended Learning Outcomes:

           Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:
                • Recognize and use the technical symbols used in : Piping, flow diagrams, Isometric,

                    Hydraulics &Pneumatics, Air conditioning& Refrigeration, and welding joint symbols.
                • Read, recognize, and use the technical schemes and circuits used in the considered areas.
                • Draw and use the technical symbols in the considered areas.

Daily Course Plan & Contents:
                • Introduction:
                                  o Definitions
                                  o Needs for symbols
                                  o Examples

                • Symbols in Hydraulics &Pneumatics
                                  o Pumps, Compressors & Motors
                                  o Valves
                                  o  Pistons &Cylinders
                                  o Accessories

                • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Circuits
                • Case studies & Workshop
                • Electro- hydraulic  & Electro Pneumatic Circuits
                                  o Piping Symbols –Flow diagrams- Instructions
                                  o Example application
                                  o Air Conditioning Symbols
                                  o Refrigeration Symbols
                                  o  Example application
                                  o Welding Joints Symbols
                                  o  Example application

                • Case studies & Workshop
                • Practical Questions and Answers
                • Final Test
                • Evaluation


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