Arabian American Center August Training & Development
Program Title:
Operate Water Treatment Facilities & Water Flooding Principles
11.08.2019 - 15.08.2019
$ 3900


Course Objective:

   Participants will learn how to operate water treatment facilities and the principles of water flooding.
The main objective of this course is to familiarize the participants with the basic concepts and operation and maintenance aspects of selected and most commonly used conventional water treatment processes.

On completion of this course, the participants will:
 Learn about treatment requirements for different water sources to meet the relevant water quality standards and guidelines,
Understand the basic functions of different conventional water treatment processes and their suitability and limitations,
Know about the basics of operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities.


Target Audience:

  All Water Treatment Facilities Managers, Engineers & Staff.


Course Content:

              • Principle of water treatment
               • Selection of water control treatment
               • Analysis and treatment of produced water
               • Scale, bacteria and corrosion problems
               • Water content of natural gas


               • Water Injection Process
               • Water Treatment for Injection
               • Injection well testing
               • Principles and Operations of Water Flooding
               • Purpose of Water Flooding


               • Polymer flooding
               • Down-hole sink technology
               • Water handling common processes in oil and gas upstream industries and theory behind them.
               • Control systems, optimum values of process parameters and effects of deviations.
               • Control mechanism, alarm and shutdown circuits.


               • Produced water discharge/disposal and treatment principles
               • Produced water treating equipment –theory of operation, advantages and disadvantages, and

                   the importance of oil droplet size
               • Water Processing Equipment
               • Data collection for problem identification
               • Identifying the causes of excess water production


               • Equipment operation (pre-commissioning, commissioning, and decommissioning) procedures.
               • Wellbore and near-wellbore water shutoff technologies
               • Gels for water shutoff
               • Polymer flooding
               • Down-hole sink technology


               • Monitoring equipment operation and performance improvement techniques
               • Unit facility pre start-up, start up and shutdown (normal and emergency) procedures
               • Processes common problems and their handling techniques.
               • Spotting and diagnosing operation upsets/ abnormal conditions utilizing cause and effect  and

                   root cause analysis
               • Meeting Water Quality Specification


               • Produced Water Treatment
               • Produced Water Controls
               • Water Injection System Analysis
               • Water injection and disposal systems – theory of operation,

                  corrosion, scale,  and biological control

              • Field Calibration and Operation of Field Indicator Parameter Measurement Equipment 

               • Description of the Equipment
               • Troubleshooting.
               • Discussion and cases' studies



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