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Program Title:
Industrial Gas Turbines, Preventive, Predictive & Corrective Maintenance
20.01.2019 - 24.01.2019
$ 3900


Course Description

       • Gas turbines became widely adopted and many thousands of sets are now installed worldwide.

       • The development of gas turbine from the theoretical stage to its present worldwide adoption has

          three main inputs.

       • These may include: the practical and theoretical work of established steam turbines manufacturers

          wishing to expand into the gas turbine field, Intensive and aerodynamic work on compressors

          and turbines.

       • By aero-engine manufacturers, arising particularly from the development of aero engine superchargers.

       • Metallurgical developments, which provided alloys capable of withstanding the continuous high

         temperatures and stress to which the turbine blades are subjected.

Course Objectives

         • Upon completion participants will be able to carry out preventive, predictive and corrective

            maintenance on Industrial gas turbines.

         •  They will also understand the principle of gas turbine operations. They will appreciate the

              applications of gas turbines. They will be able to assess and measure vibration, calibrate

              vibration measurement systems. They will also be able to understand how to manage and

              solve other problems related to the gas turbines

Designed for:

   This invaluable program is designed for all engineers, supervisors, foremen, technicians operators working in the field of Industrial Gas Turbines.

Course Contents

                • General Introduction on gas turbines

                                 Basic thermodynamics (entropy, compression and expansion processes, gas turbine cycles)

                                 Gas turbines background and forma (open cycle gas turbines, the closed cycle gas turbine,

                                 Uses of gas turbines

                                 Gas turbine power and sizes

                                 Gas turbines components

                • Properties of material

                                 Heat transfer

                                 Turbine component

                                 Turbine auxiliary

                • Turbine Operating Principles

                                 Working Principles and Characteristics

                                 Applications

                                 Operating Limitations

                • Ideal Thermodynamic Cycles

                                 The Control Cycle

                                 Auto Cycle

                                 Diesel Cycle

                                 Mixed Cycle

                                 Constant Pressure Cycle

                • Practical Gas Turbine Cycle

                • Turbine Shaft Configuration

                                 Single-Shaft Engine

                                 Tow-Shaft Engine

                • Operating Factors Affecting Maintenance.

                                 Fuel

                                 Hydraulic system

                                 Effects of Environment

                • Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filtration

                                 Foreign Object Damage (FOD)

                                 Erosion

                                 Fouling

                                 Corrosion

                • Fluid dynamics for gas turbines

                • Operations (startup /shut down procedures & control), routine maintenance &

                   troubleshooting of gas turbines

                • Performance monitoring and evaluation of gas turbines

                • Hands-on training on maintenance (overhaul)

                                 GT generators and transformers

                                 Back ground, financial, environmental, calculations, overall efficiency, WHB,

                                      combined cycle co generation, system description,

                                 Maintenance, preventive maintenance, conditioned monitoring, endoscopes

                                     checking, trend analysis, maintenance documentation & records, cost of

                                     maintenance, factors affecting maintenance,

                                    Case study & Troubleshooting techniques

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