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Program Title:
Incident Command System
شرم الشيخ
17.02.2019 - 21.02.2019
$ 3200


Course Description:

     The course is designed to provide delegates with an introduction to the Emergency Preparedness involving the Identification of the Major Accidents Hazards, the Emergency Response Process - the Incident Command Structure/ the Emergency Response Team roles and responsibilities with providing the needed knowledge to act during an Emergency and also the needed guidelines for positive dealing with the Media in such Emergencies.

Course Objective:
         At the end of this training you will be able to:

               • Describe the main components of an Emergency plan;

               • Explain the Incident Command Structure, ICS;

               • Describe the roles / responsibilities / competency of key personnel of an ICS;

               • Describe the minimum resources required for managing responses to an emergency situation;

               • Coordinate with other emergency response team members;

               • Evaluate any Emergency Management Plan/procedure and recommend actions to improve it;

Who Should attend?

     All levels of employees can attend this course. It is aimed at working Managers, supervisors, Engineers, team leaders, safety managers, and Sr. technicians. This program was designed for company managers that they give equal weight to safety, quality and production.

Course Contents:


               • What is the Emergency?

               • Various types of emergencies

               • What is Emergency Management?

               • Why should organizations have an emergency plan?

               • Major Industrial Accidents (Processing Plants)

               • Flixborough

               • Bhopal (Union Carbide)

               • Emergency preparedness and the HSE Management System

               • Objectives of the Response Process


         Prepare for Emergency Planning

               • Establishing the emergency planning team

               • Identify Major Accidents Hazards, MAH’s (details on Process Hazard Analysis,

                    PHA, What-If method, FTA, ETA )

               • Identify the company capabilities

               • Analyze the effectiveness of the local capabilities to respond to onsite emergencies

               • Identify emergency tiers

               • Identify key structure of emergency organization

               • Identify location and arrangements of Emergency Management Centre, EMC

               • Indentify the response Actions/ procedures


         Developing Emergency Management Plan

               • Emergency Plan contents

               • Effective Emergency Teams (Incident Command Structure, ICS), Characteristics

               • Emergency Teams Roles & Responsibilities

               • Alarm system and initial notification

               • Internal and External Communications

               • Training, drills and testing requirements

               • Reviews and updates

               • Coordination of external support services/resources

               • Emergency Response Actions/procedures for key major accidents

               • Emergency Response Center Design & Facilities


         Emergency Response Process

               • Team Briefing

               • Facilitator Checklist

               • Incident Action Plan

               • Information Management (Boards..)

               • Brain Storming – Effective meeting management

               • Tim-outs

                  (A tabletop syndicate exercise on one of the credible scenarios)


         Facing the Media in a Crisis

               • The importance of the media and its agenda

               • What to expect from the media

               • How should we position media response

               • Interviews - giving and declining

               • Press conferences

               • Do’s & Don’ts

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