Arabian American Center Details Training & Development
Program Title:
Pigging Foundations Course
15.11.2020 - 19.11.2020
$ 3900


Introduction & Course Objective:

          Learn the fundamentals of pigging operations and KOC pigging procedures

Who Should Attend:

          All staff working in the field.

Daily Course Plan & Contents:

               • Introduction to pipeline pigging

               • Reasons for pigging

               • Deposits in pipeline

               • Types of deposits

               • Hydrocarbon deposits ( Sludge)


               • Mineral deposits from water ( Scale)

               • Hydrate deposits

               • Types and practical applications

               • Pipeline cleaning from deposits

               • Pigging design procedure


               • Utilize the techniques of pigging for general maintenance and repair

               • Identify the procedures of pigging during renovation, rehabilitation and decommissioning

               • Pigging fluid managements

               • Pigging philosophy

               • Recognize the functions of specialist pigs in pipeline process


               • Intelligent pigs in accordance with ILI tools

               • Launch and receive procedures in pipeline pigging

               • How to evaluate the process of pipeline pigging  

               • Determine the aspects of pigging velocity in liquid lines and gas lines     

               • Different pigging types, practices, procedures and interpretation of results


               • KOC norms for design of pig traps (no standard yet, teams are using it now)

               • Pig tracking systems and retrieval methods

               • Pig alerts (signal)

               • Routine check on pig facilities (check manifold and pigs and pigging tools)

               • Apply several techniques on troubleshooting stuck pigs


               • Hazards & Safety measures related to pipeline pigging    

               • Troubleshooting

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