Arabian American Center June Training & Development
Program Title:
Water Handling Control
10.06.2018 - 14.06.2018
$ 2500


A-Centrifugal Pump Following API 610
           Horizontal Type, Vertical, Overhung, Between Bearings, Motor canned, Single

   Stage, Multi Stage, Booster pump. Transfer Pump, Feed Pump
   B-Chemical Injection Pump
   Chemical Standard Pumps

Who Should Attend?

  Water Handling Controller & Technicians
      1-Positive Displacement Pump:
            A. Design and application
            B. Operation and Problem
            C. Pump trouble Shooting
                 2-Rotary Pumps
                 3- Sliding Vane Pumps.
                 4- Piston Pumps
                 5- Gear Pumps
                 6- Screw Pumps
                 7- Progressive Vacuum Pump
                 8-Diaphram Pump

     2-Impeller Types
                 1-Open Impeller
                 2-Semi Open Impeller
                 3-Totally Enclosed Impeller

     3-Pump Bearings
                 3.1-Anti Friction Bearings:
             A-Ball Bearing
             B-Roller Bearing
             C-Thrust Bearings 
                 3.2-Bearing Lubrication
                 3.3-Bearing Failure
                 3.4-Bearing Maintenance
                 3.5-Bearing Seal
                 3.3.1-Journal/Sleeve Bearing

      4-Pump Shaft Seal
                 4.2-Lubricant Packing
                 4.3-Throttle Bushing with seal injection
                 4.4-Mechanical Seals

   Typical Seal Arrangements
            A-Balanced Seal
            B-Un Balanced Seal

      5-The operation of the Pump
                 1-Priming Pump
                 2-Pump Start up
                 3-Running Pump
                 4-Pump smooth Stop

        6-Monitor the Running Pump
                 1-Turn around the Pump
                 2-Check Pump installed gauges
                 3-Check pump Vibration and noise

        7-Pump curves and Performance
                 1-Pump Running Avoiding Cavitation
                 2-Pump Running with the Best EfficiencyPoint
                 3- Effect of Clearances
                 4-Factors Affecting Pump Performance

        8-Pump Controller Methods
                1-Pump control by varying speed
                2-Pumps in parallel switched to meet demand
                3-Flow control valve
                4-By-pass control

        9-Pump Driver
                2-Steam Turbine
                3-Gas Turbine
                4-Diesel Engine

       10-Pump Trouble Shooting
               1-Pump Does Not Deliver Liquid
               2-Insufficient Capacity Delivered
               3-Insufficient Pressure Developed
               4-Pump Loses Prime After Starting
               5-Excessive Power Consumption

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