Arabian American Center June Training & Development
Program Title:
Handling Hazardous Chemicals
10.06.2018 - 14.06.2018
$ 3500



   Hazardous Chemicals Training is designed for anyone who supervises, uses, stores and or handles Hazardous Chemicals (also known as Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods) in the workplace.

   Participants will learn how to identify Hazardous Chemicals, the hazardous associated with them and possible controls. Via a series of short, hands on exercises and quick decision exercises, participants will learn how to read labels and Safety Data sheets so they know how to safely handle and store chemicals, as well as identify how to deal with typical chemical incidents.

Course Objective

               • To provide participants with guidance in the safe and proper storage and handling

                    of Hazardous Chemicals

               • To learn some of the current common pollution prevention techniques being used by industry


               • To assist the participants in obtaining a better appreciation and awareness of Handling

                   Hazardous Chemicals

               • To improve the participants’ skills in managing the industrial hazardous Chemicals

               • To ensure that each participant will know how to obtain environmental performance

                  improvement through the implementation of ISO 14001

Who Should Attend?

     This training is designed for transport, warehousing, distribution and storage industry staff who handles hazardous chemicals and/or dangerous goods. It can be customized to suit other industries or workplace where handling of hazardous chemicals is undertaken.

               • Chemical Engineers

               • Emergency Response Personnel

               • Fire Fighters

               • Paramedics

               • Health, Safety, and Environmental Managers

               • Staff responsible for managing hazardous materials

               • Laboratory Technicians

               • Staff wishing to reduce risk and liability arising from polluting events

               • Technical assistants and anyone who has a role to play in environmental matters of the



Course Contents:

               • Classification of a Hazardous Materials

               • Flammable liquid

               • Flammable solid                                                          

               • Oxidizer

               • Corrosive

               • Organic Peroxide

               • Poison

               • Explosive

               • Compressed Gas

               • Cryogenics

               • Radioactive

               • Biomedical

               • Identifying Hazardous Chemicals and their health effects.

   An overview of hey workplace requirements under Hazardous Chemicals legislation and codes of practice. How to identify Hazardous Chemicals and understanding their health effects?

               • Reading labels, Hazardous Chemical Registers and Safety Data Sheets

   Understanding labeling, safety data sheets and Hazardous Chemical Registers.

               • Identifying chemical related hazards and implementing suitable controls

   How to identify and manage Hazardous Chemical risks and effective controls.

               • Correctly storing and handling Hazardous Chemicals (including PPE requirements)

   Overview of storage requirements, including maximum volumes, compatibility and signage requirements. How to know what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to wear?


              • Dealing with chemical emergencies

   Types of chemical emergencies and how to deal with them, including an overview of emergency equipment, including spill kits and firefighting equipment (FFE).




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