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Advanced Valve Technology & Preparing Plant Shutdown Completion Report
12.01.2020 - 16.01.2020
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  Power Plant and other petrochemical industries do deal with different types of valves. All piping systems are fitted with valves for controlling purposes or safety requirements. Understanding the function of each valve type will have an important reflection on the process quality, equipment and plant reliability, and the economics of the whole activity. Different application needs to select the appropriate valve type of particular flow characteristics. Operation of the valve also affects the system and the process.


  Understanding the problems associated with valves is essential for diagnosis and troubleshooting and the needed maintenance for the particular type of valves.


Shutdown and Turnaround management is a key function in all industry setups. Systematic and planned power shutdowns not only save equipments but also enhance their life. Planning and managing power shutdowns are a highly demanding function. If not properly planned, controlled or managed, companies would face budget or cost overruns and delays in schedule, which would have negative impacts on customers.


  This course will address all aspects of Selection, Operation and Maintenance and Troubleshooting of industrial valves, & how to prepare plant
shutdown completion report.


Course Objective:

        This course is designed to give the participants Advanced knowledge and skills in:
               • The wide variety of valves in service, their distinct characteristics and the operating functions
               • How valves function and are part of the wider system of flow control which is vital to

               • The specifics required in selection and choice of valves
               • The inspection and maintenance involved and effects of fluids on the wear and tear of the valve

               • The trouble shooting and faultfinding techniques available.
               • Critical characteristics of a Plant Shutdown
               • The shutdown and turnaround preparation
               • The shutdown and turnaround planning techniques
               • The shutdown cost control, safety, quality and risk management


Target Audience

   The course is intended for the Senior Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Senior Mechanical foremen, Maintenance Engineer, Application Engineer, Inspection Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Control System & Instrumentation Engineer, Production Engineer Well-Head & Drilling Engineers.


Training Methodology

   A highly interactive combination of lectures and discussion sessions will be managed to maximize the amount and quality of information and knowledge transfer. Questions, comments and personal experience from every participant will have a chance to be heard and discussed. Tests of multiple-choice types will be made available on a daily basis to examine the effectiveness of delivering the course.


    Case studies are encouraged to be brought by the participant. These case studies will be discussed thoroughly and will be shared by all participants.


Course Contents:

        Classification of valve types
                                o Valve functions and characteristics.
                                o Basic valve parts.
                                o Valve body attachments.


        Valve Selection for Petroleum and process Industry.
                               o Principles of valve operations.
                               o Specifications.
                               o Body materials and dimensions.
                               o Pressure and temperature.
                               o Wear, galling, and leakages.
                               o Flow characteristics & noise.
                               o Sizing, including actuators.
                               o Which valve for on-off service?
                               o Which control valve to specify?


        Valve Sizing and Selection
                                o Valve-sizing criteria for manual valves
                                o  Valve-sizing criteria for check valves
                                o  Valve-sizing criteria for throttling valves
                                o Incipient and advanced cavitations
                                o  Terminal pressure drop ratio
                                o Percent of Flashing
                                o Pressure Recovery Coefficient
                                o Valve Sizing & Selection Procedure
                                o Selecting a valve type
                                o Different valves characteristics
                                o Examples


        The Specification and Applied Codes.
                                o API.
                                o ASME.
                                o French, British and German regulations.

                  Relief and Safety Valves: Function and Operation
                  Relief and Safety Valves

                                o Relief Valves Types
                                                Pressure-relieving devices
                                                Automatically operated valves
                                o Direct-acting & piloted pressure relief valves
                                o Modulating, full-lift, and ordinary pressure relief valves
                                o Valve Loading
                                o Safety Valves
                                o Operation of Direct-acting pressure relief valves
                                o Blow down
                                o Relief valves problems
                                                 Lining up valves for a system start up.
                                                 Using plant procedures and drawings.
                                                 Lubricating valves.
                                                 Safety aspects.
                                                 Acceptance procedure for in-house valve testing and verification.
                                                 Noise abatement for valves


        Check Valves
                                o Applications
                                o Types of Check Valves
                                                 Lift check valves
                                                 Swing check valves
                                                 Tilting-disc check valves
                                                 Diaphragm check valves
                                o Check Valves Operation
                                o Selection of Check Valves

                 Relief and Safety Valves: Function and Operation
                 Relief and Safety Valves

                                o Relief Valves Types
                                                 Pressure-relieving devices
                                                 Automatically operated valves
                                                                  - Direct-acting & piloted pressure relief valves
                                                                  - Modulating, full-lift, and ordinary pressure relief valves
                                o Valve Loading
                                o Safety Valves
                                o Operation of Direct-acting pressure relief valves
                                o Blow down
                                o Relief valves problems

                  Valves Troubleshooting
                 Valves Problems, and Troubleshooting


        High Pressure Drop
                                o Pressure Recovery Characteristics


        Cavitation in Valves
                                o Incipient and choked cavitation
                                o Flow curve cavitation index
                                o Cavitation-elimination devices


        Flashing versus Cavitation
        Flow Choking
        High Velocities
        Water Hammer
                                o What causes water hammer?
                                o Water Hammer Calculations
                                o Solutions for water hammer


        Surge Protection
        Check valve slamming
        Noise problems
        Clean air standards
        Life loading
        Packing for fugitive-emission control
        Troubleshooting the Control Valves

                                o Overview and Introduction
                                o Shutdown Planning Strategy
                                o Shutdown/TA problems and issues
                                o  Management planning


                                o Plant shutdown and preparation for maintenance
                                o Work Scope Development and Work Breakdown Structures
                                o Case Study work
                                o Organization and Roles


                                o Developing Shutdown and Turnaround Plans
                                o The Critical Path Planning Method
                                o “Short Cut” Planning Methods
                                o Scheduling multiple projects


                                o Developing shutdown budgets
                                o Progress, cost control and productivity tracking
                                o Materials planning and control
                                o Contractor Management


                                o Safety, Quality and Environmental Management
                                o Risk Management
                                o Integrating risk management into the shutdown plan
                                o Conclusion

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