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Program Title:
Construction Materials Maintenance
23.06.2019 - 27.06.2019
$ 2750



   Within the engineering project, it is required to perform quality procedures for construction materials and procedures. One of this procedures is the maintenance carried for construction materials, also achieved through testing..


   The objective of the training program is to provide the participants with the knowledge and necessary skills needed to perform maintenance procedures for construction materials. Additionally, it aims at acquiring attendants with the expertise needed to prepare technical reports for the maintenance procedures in order to integrate those reports into the overall quality management for the entire project.


Who Should Attend?

            Site engineers and supervisors in engineering projects.

            Material inventory and material testing engineers and personnel

            Quality control and quality assurance engineers and supervisors


Course Duration:   5 days

Course Outline:

               • Introduction to maintenance types and classifications

               • Regular maintenance, long-term maintenance, preventive maintenance,

                  corrective maintenance

               • Construction materials classification

               • Sources and factors causing damage to construction materials

                                -  Physical factors: impact, abrasion, etc.

                                -  Chemical factors: decomposition, reactions, humidity, etc.

                                -  Biological factors: rotting, insects, moth, etc.

                                -  Time / duration factors: decomposition, deterioration, etc.

               • Quality control/ quality assurance procedures for construction projects

               • Protection procedures for construction materials before use.

               • Suitable packaging for construction materials

               • Storage of different construction materials

               • Correct handling of construction materials

               • Maintenance of construction materials

               • Specifications for maintenance

               • QC / QA concepts for maintenance

               • Testing procedures for acceptance of maintenance

               • Safety of personnel and procedures

               • Reports for maintenance procedures

               • Revision and documentation

               • Practical applications and examples.

               • Case Studies from field experience

               • Discussion

               • Training course closure and evaluation

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