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Program Title:
Monitor water operating conditions
29.07.2018 - 02.08.2018
$ 2750


Course Description

   This course is designed to describe water handling common processes. It is also designed to describe Control systems, process parameters, optimum values and effect of deviations.


   This course is designed to create the foundation for Water Handling Operations Management focusing on Water Injection and Wastewater Systems, understanding the water chemistry, and the chemical treatment programs applied in oil and gas production industries.


   The course comprises Water quality, Quantity, Pressure and Temperature measurements.


   The course describes all monitoring equipment operation and evaluating its performance. Another important session of Adjustment of water flow rates at transit lines and wellheads.


   The course is designed to include (normal and emergency) operations and common process abnormalities and their handling techniques.

Course Objective:

      By the end of the course, participants who are almost all water handling operators should become

       able to:

              • Describe Water Handling processes implemented in the oil and gas upstream and Water


              • Explain effects of deviation in values of process parameter from optimum ones Quantity,

                 Pressure, Temperature and Flow rates.

              • Inject the right quantity of water to reservoir and assure the right quality.

              • Optimize daily consumption of used chemicals.

              • Explain key steps in operations and operation monitoring procedures

              • Describe operations common upset conditions and their handling techniques.

              • Describe common operational problems and best practices in handling them

              • The Stages of the Commissioning Processes and Dealing with Machinery Equipment and

                  Specific Commissioning Issues.

              • Establishing Overall Commissioning And Plant Start Up Strategies Dealing With Operation,

                  Troubleshooting And Problem Solving During Commissioning.

              • Developing an Overall Commissioning Management Plan.

              • How to Manage Risks Associated With Commissioning.

Target Audience

    This course is aimed at Water handling operators, Petroleum and production engineers, technical supervisors.

Training Methodology

              • Lectures using power point

              • Group Discussions

              • Hands-on exercises

              • Case studies

              • Testing

              • Workshop

              • Video CD-DVD

Course Contents:

              • Water characteristics and properties

                              ─ Chemistry of water

                              ─ Operating and Environmental regulations

                              ─ Water chemistry issue

                              ─ Contaminants

                              ─ Factors affecting stability, pH and Ion strength

                              ─ Characteristics of produced water

                              ─ How produced water is handled

              • Types of formations into which water is injected

                              ─ Injection Quantity & Quality

                              ─ Water sensitive formations

              • Water Injection Systems

                              ─ Sea Water injection systems

                              ─ Produced water injection systems

              • Water specification for disposal or injection

              • Case Studies

                      Oil and Water Separation

                       Equipment Description,

              • Horizontal Separators ,

              • Vertical Separators ,

              • Horizontal vs. Vertical Selection

                      Vessel Internals,


              • Coalescing Plates,

              • Sand Jets and Drains



              • Gas Separation,

              • Oil/Water Settling,

              • Water Droplet Size in Oil,

              • Oil Droplet Size in Water,

              • Retention Time

                       Separator Sizing,

              • Horizontal Separators,

              • Settling Equation,

              • Vertical Separators

                       Water compatibility

                       Water treatment equipment, processes and technology

                              ─ Schematic drawing of produced water treatment system

                              ─ Skim Tank, Vertical skimmer and horizontal skimmer

                              ─ API Separators

                              ─ Plate Coalescence equipment

                              ─ Flotation Units

                              ─ Hydrocyclones

                       Produced Water Treatment Systems

                              ─ Biological control

                              ─ Clarification

                              ─ Filtration

                              ─ Disinfection / Polishing

                              ─ Oil removal

                              ─ Video

                      Wastewater Disposal Legislations / Guidelines

                              ─ Quality control


                      Water Treatment Workshop

                      Produced-Water Treating Systems

                              ─ Gravity Separation,

                              ─ Dispersion,

                              ─ Coalescence,

                              ─ Flotation

                     Treating Equipment,

                              ─ Settling Tanks and Skimmer Vessels,

                              ─ Skimmer Sizing Equations,

                              ─ Plate Coalescers,

                              ─ Skimmer/Coalescers,

                              ─ Precipitators/Coalescing Filters,

                              ─ Free-Flow Turbulent Coalescers (SP Packs),

                              ─ Flotation Units,

                              ─ Hydrocyclones,

                              ─ Disposal Piles,

                              ─ Skim Pile

                    Scale formation and control

                              ─ Type of scale

                              ─ Mechanism of scale formation

                              ─  Scale Inhibitors

                              ─  Scale remediation

                              ─  Scale prediction

                              ─ Scale monitoring

                              ─ Scale management guideline


                   Water corrosivity

                              ─ Corrosion Forms

                              ─ Corrosion control / Inhibitors

                              ─ Corrosion monitoring

                   Cases Studies

                   Water Quality Monitoring

                              ─ Chemical and physical properties of formation water

                   Operation Parameters

                              ─ Water Quantity

                              ─ Pressure and Temperature

                              ─ Flow rates at transit lines

                   Control systems

                              ─ Timescale

                              ─ System testing and installation

                              ─ Calibration

                              ─ Personnel

                              ─ Documentation


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