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Program Title:
Principles of Waterflooding
26.07.2020 - 30.07.2020
$ 2750


Course Introduction & Main Objective:

   This 5-day course, designed for practicing petroleum engineers, geologists, and other technical support staff, provides a basic understanding of the key technical aspects which are involved across the entire life cycle of a properly designed water flood scheme. The sessions include an overview of data requirements, methods employed to obtain the data, and methods used to interpret the data for the design and operation of an effective water flood. Participants will be provided with the analytical tools that enable estimation of the primary baseline production forecast and incremental water flood recovery predictions. The sessions will also provide practical training to address water flooding issues that are relevant in today's oil field operations. In-class examples and hands-on exercises are included. Some experience in petroleum engineering is a benefit, but not a prerequisite. Participants are requested to bring a calculator to the course.


Who Should Attend?

    Anyone who needs to become more fluent with the concepts involved in oil field water flooding. For example anyone who is working with reservoir engineers in a multi-disciplinary team i.e. technologists, geologists, production engineers, business analysts, entry level reservoir engineers or reservoir engineers who have not previously been involved in water flood studies or training:
            1. Engineers
            2. Geologists
            3. Technicians
            4. Operators

Course Contents:

       Day 1
             1. Review of Geological Aspects Important to Water flooding
             2. Implications of Pressure and Temperature
             3. Understanding Reservoir Fluids
      Day 2
             4. Reservoir Rock Properties
             5. Primary Recovery
             6.  Reserve Estimating Methods
             7. Drive Mechanisms
             8. Production Forecasts

      Day 3
             9. Water flood Displacement Mechanisms
           10. Fractional Flow
           11. Segregated Flow
           12. Effect of Finite Capillary Pressure Zone
           13. Stratified Reservoirs

       Day 4
           14. Areal Sweep Efficiency
           15. Analytical Design Examples
           16. Water flood Candidate Screening
           17. Pilot Water flooding

       Day 5
           18. Water Quality Considerations
           19. Regulatory Requirements
           20. Analysis of Mature Water floods
           21. Pressure Fall-off Testing
           22. Numerical Simulation Considerations

    Each day will have number of practical examples (exercises) to consider by the participants.



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