Arabian American Center April Training & Development
Program Title:
Production & GC Problem Solving
08.04.2018 - 12.04.2018
$ 2500


 Course Objectives

         By the end of this course, the participant will be able :

               • Check flow lines, leakage, damages etc. and alert

               • (Report any HSE incident to line management (e\.g\. leakage, damages, near miss, etc\.).)

               • Check gauges and instruments and how to take action

               • Take pressure reading & take and collect samples & take actions with ops

               • Monitor the well productivity and other parameters that affect on the production


               • Monitor GOR, W/C, Salt, H2S, etc\. and take remedial actions based on as per operators


               • To operate & check  the control systems functions  

               • To Check data accuracy, system function, report discrepancies to maintenance of valves.

               • To explain theory behind flow lines ,wellhed  and check valves for preparing and testing

                 according to standard procedures  

               • How to determine the location of leakage and damage of flow line.


               • How to manage the flow line and valve for test

               • How to prepare the flow line and valve for testing

               • Understanding well testing procedures

               • Understanding the mechanisms ,function of headers

               • To explain the theory and mechanisms of relief and check valves

Course Methodology

               • Power point presentation

               • Practical exercises

               • Cases studies

               • Open discussion

 Who Should Attend?

            Instrument, process and production Engineers as well as qualified operators  

Course Outline

             1- Introduction to Production system

                                • Production system component

                                • Reservoir performance system

                                • Well performance system

                                • Surface performance system

                                • Production system integration & interaction

             2- Production Rate & Pressure drop  

                                • Pressure drop meaning and definition

                                • Well production parameters

                                • Relation between well productivity and pressure drop

                                • Pressure drop and back pressure relation

             3- Monitoring well performance

                                • Well productivity

                                • Productivity index

                                • Monitoring PWF

                                • Monitor Pr

                                • Inflow performance relation ship

                                • Controllers checks & reporting defective controls to maintenance

                                • Conducting root cause analysis for all operating parameters

                                • Overview of safety instrumentation systems (SIS)

             4- Wellhead and flow line

                                • Check for wellhead pressure

                                • Flowline pressure failure analysis

                                • Prepare flow line fore test

                                • Flow line test for leakage and damage

                                • Repare and replacement

                                • Procedure for flow line test according to standard

                                • HSE incident to line management

             5- Well testing   

                                • Well testing analysis

                                • Results and data reporting & analysis

                                • Testing for flow rate

                                • Testing for water cut

                                • Testing for GOR

                                • Testing for other  parameters

                                • Results Calibration and accuracy

             6- Operation troubleshooting

                                • Troubleshooting of safety valve

                                • Troubleshooting of check valve

                                • Relief system failure analysis

                                • Rout cause analysis

             7-Monitor Production problems

                                • Monitor gas oil ratio ( GOR)

                                • Monitor  water cut in production (W/C), Salt, H2S, etc\.  

                                •  Take remedial actions based on as per operators instructions

                                • Effect of GOR,WC,H2S and Salt on the production system

            8-Production Operation  

                                • Check for GC equipment as one unit

                                • Well assembling affect on production rate

                                • Back pressure & production rate relationship

                                • Operation according to international standard

                                • Operation according to international procedures

                                • Production optimization using check system analysis

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