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Program Title:
Check Wellhead/Flow Line Pressure Safety Valve & Control Systems Functions
22.04.2018 - 26.04.2018
$ 2500


Description & Objectives:

  Upon the completion of this course, each participant will learn more about X-mass tree, wellhead equipment, mechanical barriers, safety valves and wellhead control system. Also, attendees will develop a better understanding about wellhead operating procedures & working under safe conditions. They will be able to identify the relevant code & standards for Well head towers, wells, pipeline, protection & safety systems. Safety relief valves are key assets in any process plant that operates under pressure. Acting as a ‘last resort’, these fully mechanical devices are designed to operate if an over-pressure situation occurs. They therefore safeguard the plant and help guarantee production, but more importantly, protect the plant’s most valuable asset, its workforce.

  The course aims at providing the participants with an advanced knowledge and better understanding of Operate and Check control systems (e.g.: DCS, PLC, SCADA, etc.) functions and provides a detailed coverage of all the features, operation, maintenance and Troubleshooting of Control Equipment.

  It is essential to have detailed knowledge of techniques such as ESD system, optimize corrective action, Monitoring equipment performance.

In addition to these topics, this course presents control systems Checkout, System Testing, and Startup.

  It also presents a systematic approach to troubleshooting and start-up of single and multi-loop control loops.

    Upon the completion of this part, each participant will learn more:

               • About X-mass tree, wellhead equipment, mechanical barriers, safety valves and Wellhead

                   control system.

               • Develop a better understanding about wellhead operating procedures & working under

                  safe conditions.

               • They will be able to identify the relevant code & standards for Well head towers, wells,

                  pipeline, protection & safety systems.

               • Understand the role of measurement and control in industrial processes

               • Familiars with various control systems

               • System Start-Up and Testing

               • PLC control systems

               • Determine which process control parameters may or may not be controlled by SCADA

               • Analyze the performance of different logic system technologies

               • Explain theory behind measurement and control skills

               • Discuss logic in DCS operation, alarm and shutdown signals

               • Use root cause analysis technique in problem diagnosis


  Field operations, production, petroleum, reservoir and field engineers and other staff interested in X-mass trees & wellhead operations and testing, Operation Engineer  and Everybody who are responsible for selecting, or repairing safety relief valves.

Course Contents:

       DAY 1:


                                o Open Hole Completion

                                o Screen or Pre-slotted Liner Completions

                                o Cemented and Perforated Casing / Liner

               • Selection of flow conduit between reservoir and surface

                                o Tubing Casing Flow

                                o Casing and Tubing Flow

                                o Tubing Flow without Annulus Isolation

                                o Tubing Flow with Annular Isolation


                               o  Basic Completion String Functions and Facilities

                               o Additional Completion String Functions


                                o Wellhead / Xmas Tree

                                o Production Tubing

                                o Provision of an Annular Pressure Seal

                                o Provision of a Seal between Tubing and Packer

                                o Sub-Surface Safety Valves

                                o Side Pocket Mandrel (SPM)

                                o Sliding Side Door (SSD)

                                o Landing Nipples

                                o Perforated Joint

       DAY 2:

               • WELLHEAD SYSTEM

                                o Wellhead Function

                                o Christmas Tree Function

                                o Tubular

                                o Typical Wellheads

                                o Casing Head

                                o Intermediate Casing Head

                                o Tubing Head

                                o Christmas Tree Assembly

               • CHRISTMAS TREE

                                o Master Valves

                                o Flow Tree

                                o Wing Valve

                                o Choke

                                o Crown Valve

                                o Valve Operation

               • SUSPENSION METHODS

                                o Casing Suspension

                                o Automatic-Type

                                o Non-Automatic-Type

                                o Mandrel-Type

                                o Tubing Suspension

                                o Double-Box Method

                                o Adapter Flange Method

                                o Mandrel Method

                                o Slip Suspension Method


                                o Tubing less Wellheads

                                o Multiple Completion Wellheads

                                o Ground Subsidence Wellheads

                                o Injection Wellheads

                                o Artificial Lift Wellheads

       DAY 3:

               • Well Control - Chokes

                                o Principles of Operation

                                o Types of Chokes

                                o Choke Operation

                                o Safety Practices for Operating Well Stream Gathering Systems

                                o Inlet manifold and Flow line

               • Pressure-Relieving Devices:

                                o Relief-Valve;

                                o Safety Valve;

                                o Safety Relief Valve;

                                o Rupture Disc;

                                o Conventional Safety Relief Valve;

                                o Types and Functions of Pressure Relieving Devices   

                                o Valve Operational;

                                o Relief-Valve and Safety Valve Components;

                                o Force within Relief-Valve;

                                o Valve Body;

                                o Nozzle and Flans;

                                o Seating;

                                o Seal;

       DAY 4:

               • Introduction to process control

               • Control Systems Equipment

               • Programmable Logic Controllers PLC

                                o PLC Hardware

                                o PLC Software

                                o PLC MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING

                                o System Start-Up and Testing

               • Distributed Control System DCS

                                o DCS: Basic Trends and Advances

                                o DCS: Control and Simulation Advances  

                                o DCS: Integration with Buses and Networks

                                o DCS: Integration with Other Systems

                                o DCS: System Architecture

                                o SCADA, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

               • Elements of a SCADA System

                                o SCADA Field Devices

                                o SCADA Communications

                                o SCADA Host Systems

               • Operator Interface  

       DAY 5:

               • Checkout, System Testing, and Startup

                                o Instrumentation Commissioning

                                o Software Testing

                                o System Level Testing

                                o Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

                                o Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

                                o Safety Considerations


                                o Logical/Analytical Troubleshooting Framework

                                o The Seven-Step Troubleshooting Procedure

                                o Vendor Assistance: Advantages and Pitfalls

                                o Other Troubleshooting Methods

                                o Troubleshooting Scenarios

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