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Program Title:
Check Wellhead/Flow Line Pressure Safety Valve, Check Gauges, Take Pressure & Samples & Take Actions
شرم الشيخ
12.04.2020 - 16.04.2020
$ 3200


Description & Objectives:

        Upon the completion of this course, each participant will learn more:

               • About X-mass tree, wellhead equipment, mechanical barriers, safety valves and Wellhead

                   control system.

               • Develop a better understanding about wellhead operating procedures & working under

                  safe conditions.

               • They will be able to identify the relevant code & standards for Well head towers, wells,

                 pipeline, protection & safety systems.

               • Understand the role of measurement and control in industrial processes

               • Check gauges and instruments and how to take action


               • Take pressure reading & take and collect samples & take actions with ops

               • Monitor the well productivity and other parameters that affect on the production

               • Monitor GOR, W/C, Salt, H2S, etc\. and take remedial actions based on as per operators


               • How to manage the flow line and valve for test

               • How to prepare the flow line and valve for testing


               • Understanding well testing procedures

               • Understanding the mechanisms ,function of headers

               • To explain the theory and mechanisms of relief and check valves


   Field operations, production, petroleum, reservoir and field engineers and other staff interested in X-mass trees & wellhead operations and testing, Operation Engineer  and Everybody who are responsible for selecting, or repairing safety relief valves.

Course Contents:

        DAY 1:


                                o Open Hole Completion

                                o Screen or Pre-slotted Liner Completions

                                o Cemented and Perforated Casing / Liner

               • Selection of flow conduit between reservoir and surface

                                o Tubing Casing Flow

                                o Casing and Tubing Flow

                                o Tubing Flow without Annulus Isolation

                                o Tubing Flow with Annular Isolation


                                o Basic Completion String Functions and Facilities

                                o Additional Completion String Functions


                                o Wellhead / Xmas Tree

                                o Production Tubing

                                o Provision of an Annular Pressure Seal

                                o Provision of a Seal between Tubing and Packer

                                o Sub-Surface Safety Valves

                                o Side Pocket Mandrel (SPM)

                                o Sliding Side Door (SSD)

                                o Landing Nipples

                                o Perforated Joint

        DAY 2:

               • WELLHEAD SYSTEM

                                o Wellhead Function

                                o Christmas Tree Function

                                o Tubular

                                o Typical Wellheads

                                o Casing Head

                                o Intermediate Casing Head

                                o Tubing Head

                                o Christmas Tree Assembly

               • CHRISTMAS TREE

                                o Master Valves

                                o Flow Tree

                                o Wing Valve

                                o Choke

                                o Crown Valve

                                o Valve Operation

               • SUSPENSION METHODS

                                o Casing Suspension

                                o Automatic-Type

                                o Non-Automatic-Type

                                o Mandrel-Type

                                o Tubing Suspension

                                o Double-Box Method

                                o Adapter Flange Method

                                o Mandrel Method

                                o Slip Suspension Method


                                o Tubing less Wellheads

                                o Multiple Completion Wellheads

                                o Ground Subsidence Wellheads

                                o Injection Wellheads

                                o Artificial Lift Wellheads

        DAY 3:

               • Well Control - Chokes

                                o Principles of Operation

                                o Types of Chokes

                                o Choke Operation

                                o Safety Practices for Operating Well Stream Gathering Systems

                                o Inlet manifold and Flow line

               • Pressure-Relieving Devices:

                                o Relief-Valve;

                                o Safety Valve;

                                o Safety Relief Valve;

                                o Rupture Disc;

                                o Conventional Safety Relief Valve;

                                o Types and Functions of Pressure Relieving Devices

                                o Valve Operational;   

                                o Relief-Valve and Safety Valve Components;

                                o Force within Relief-Valve;

                                o Valve Body;

                                o Nozzle and Flans;

                                o Seating;

                                o Seal;

        DAY 4:

               • Well testing   

                                 o Well testing analysis

                                o Results and data reporting & analysis

                                o Testing for flow rate

                                o Testing for water cut

                                o Testing for GOR

                                o Testing for other  parameters

                                o Results Calibration and accuracy

               • Operation troubleshooting

                                o Troubleshooting of safety valve

                                o Troubleshooting of check valve

                                o Relief system failure analysis

                                o Rout cause analysis

        DAY 5:

               • Monitor Production problems

                                o Monitor gas oil ratio ( GOR)

                                o Monitor water cut in production (W/C), Salt, H2S, etc\.  

                                o Take remedial actions based on as per operators instructions

                                o Effect of GOR,WC,H2S and Salt on the production system

               • Production Operation  

                                o Check for GC equipment as one unit

                                o Well assembling affect on production rate

                                o Back pressure & production rate relationship

                                o Operation according to international standard

                                o Operation according to international procedures

                                o Production optimization using check system analysis

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