Arabian American Center April Training & Development
Program Title:
Production Operation Optimization & Problem Solving
15.04.2018 - 19.04.2018
$ 2500


Course Overview & Description:

               • Control well/flow lines parameters, take first actions (Analyze and evaluate all

                     field operating parameters alert signs values (temperature, pressure, etc\.),.perform

                     first diagnostic and take corrective actions or in liaison with operators then with

                     maintenance/well surveillance teams

              • Check flow lines, leakage, damages etc. and alert (Report any HSE incident to line

                   management (e\.g\. leakage, damages, near miss, etc\.).)

Course Objectives

               •  Achieve desired skills on control well & flow lines parameters, operations and trouble

                    shooting of operational problems.

               • Apply oil well safety procedures & regulation

               • Check flow lines, leakage, damages etc

               • Describe the problems encountered and the trouble shooting.

               • Identify oil well control factors and down hole devices .SCSSV

               • ESD System in production operations

               • Monitor the well productivity and other parameters that effect on the production

               • Operate & check  the control systems functions  

               • Get familiar with Well head construction and well head control

               • Check data accuracy, system function, report discrepancies to maintenance

               • Flow line pressure safety valves its type, regulation, trouble shooting and integrity operations

               • Explain theory behind flow lines ,wellhed  and check valves for preparing and testing

                   according to standard procedures  

               • Well head and X-Mass Tree Maintenance, inspection and testing

               • Determine the location of leakage and damage of flow line

               • Precaution for working at a well head with H2S presence

               • Get familiar with Well head construction and well head control

               • Flow line pressure safety valves its type, regulation, trouble shooting and integrity operations

               • Well head and X-Mass Tree Maintenance, inspection and testing.

               • Manage the flow line and valve for test

               • Understanding well testing procedures


               • The course is intended for Field Operator, Production Personnel, Production Representatives,

                    and Well Surveillance Staff.

               • Production Supervisors, Technical Support involved with production operations and

                    responsible for the development planning.


Training Methodology

               • A highly interactive combination of lectures and discussion sessions will be managed to

                   maximize the amount and quality of information and knowledge transfer.

               • This interactive training workshop including the following training methodologies

                   as a percentage of total tuition hours:

               • 60% Lectures

               • 20% Workshops, Group work, Practical Exercises and case studies

               • 20%Videos film DVD&CD

Daily Contents:

               • Over view of oil gas industry

                                Well construction

                                Casing string

                                Completion string

                                Well head                             

                                Charismas Tree

                                Surface and down hole valves

                                Workshops, Group Work & Practical Exercises

                                Liaise with operations and confirm good data of control

                                Check the measuring ,instruments and control system

                                Control well, flow lines  parameters

                                Well head

                                Functions of well head

               • Well head component

                                Type of well head

                                Well head integrity

                                Well head maintenance

                                Well head trouble shooting

                                 Well head services and Maintenance  

                                Well head monitoring and data acquisition

                                 Well head monitoring (annulus pressure) safety wise

                                Well head inspection and testing

                                Work at well head with H2S PRESENCE

               • Take  first action based on data collection

                                Analysis and evaluate all field operating parameters

                                Evaluate alert signs value ( temp., pressure , levels and leaks)

                                Perform first diagnostics and take corrective action .

                                Production data base collection & Mentoring

                                Methods of monitoring and reporting skills

                                Well Surveillance and data base collection:

                                How to monitor and measure the annulus pressure?

                                Why the monitoring of well annulus pressure is very importing ?

                                Christmas tree

                                Function of X-Mass Tree.

                                Types of X-Mass tree assembly

                                X-Mass tree components

                                X-Mass tree barrier

                                ESD System

                                Testing, Inspection & Maintenance services.

               • Surface and down whole valves (SCSSV)

                                Types & Function of Valves and Chokes.

                                Flow line pressure safety valves

                                Valves and chocks Maintenance plane

                                Monitor and Routine check.

                                Valves, Chocks, Regulator & flow control devices.

                                SCSSV Trouble shooting

                                Testing, Inspection & Maintenance operations.

                                Case studies and practical exercises

                                Example Risk due to sand production (real case study)

                                Example of Real case studies for scale problem

               • Oil well safety control

                                HS&E Considerations (Health, Safety & Environmental)

                                Work proactively not reactively with production problms

                                Surface & Down hole safety control system.

                                Control factors of oil well and ESD

                                W H. and X-Mass tree Safety control.

                                Well  integrity  system

                                Risk Assessment and well control

                                Type of Well Barrier

                                Sampling and safety precaution.

                                Hazard identification

                                Check list

                                PPE

                                Waste  disposal

                                H2S Hazard and precaution

                                Well integrity

               • Introduction to Production system

                                Production system component

                                Reservoir performance system

                                Well performance system

                                Surface performance system

                                Production system integration & interaction

               • Production Rate & Pressure drop  

                                Pressure drop meaning and definition

                                Well production parameters

                                Relation between well productivity and pressure drop

                                Pressure drop and back pressure relation

               • Monitoring well performance

                                Well productivity

                                Productivity index

                                Monitoring PWF

                                Monitor Pr

                                Inflow performance relation ship

                                Controllers checks & reporting defective controls to maintenance

                                Conducting root cause analysis for all operating parameters

                                Overview of safety instrumentation systems (SIS)

               • Wellhead and flow line

                                Check for wellhead pressure

                                Flowline pressure failure analysis

                                prepare flow line fore test

                                Flow line test for leakage and damage

                                Repare and replacement

                                procedure for flow line test according to standard

                                HSE incident to line management

               • Well testing   

                                Well testing analysis

                                Results and data reporting & analysis

                                Testing for flow rate

                                Testing for water cut

                                Testing for GOR

                                Testing for other  parameters

                                Results Calibration and accuracy

               • Operation troubleshooting

                                Troubleshooting of safety valve

                                Troubleshooting of check valve

                                Relief system failure analysis

                                Rout cause analysis

               • Monitor Production problems

                                Monitor gas oil ratio ( GOR)

                                Monitor water cut in production (W/C), Salt, H2S, etc\.  

                                Take remedial actions based on as per operators instructions

                                Effect of GOR,WC,H2S and Salt on the production system

               • Production Operation  

                                Check for GC equipment as one unit

                                Well assembling effect on production rate

                                Back pressure & production rate relationship

                                Operation according to international standard

                                Operation according to international procedures

                                Production optimization using check system analysis

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