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Program Title:
Learn Complex Operational Troubleshooting and Control System
13.05.2018 - 17.05.2018
$ 2500


Course Overview :

•  This intensive Five-days course has been developed to provide an in-depth, yet practical review of the art and science of process plant troubleshooting. Since day-to-day operation problem solving and optimizing are critical to the profitability of plant operations, troubleshooting is a prime responsibility of plant operation staff. The importance of troubleshooting has grown as plants push to operate at higher and higher throughput levels.

 • Analyse Start-up, Shut-Down, Utility failure, ESD scenarios

 • By the end of this course, the trainee should be competent to perform Basic Operational troubleshooting in a Gas processing Facilities and effluent discharges, utilities like power, instrument air compressors, flares,… etc.

 • In this course, participants will learn how to apply several practical, systematic methods for analysing process problems to uncover root causes. Understanding of these techniques will be reinforced by exercises and case studies as we explore effective ways of gathering data for root cause analysis (RCA) and how to determine which problems should be analysed.

Course Objectives  :

  Upon successful completion of this course, participants should cover the basic needs of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methods and application in process plant. Participants will attain competency in:

                Discuss logic in DCS operation, alarm and shutdown signals.

                Manage control & ESD systems according to International  procedures

                Multi-dimensional and Multi-Discipline level problem solving

                Ability to physically identify problems in the field and inferring data from systems and Log


                Troubleshoot basic operations and equipment.

                Grip on typical problems and the underlying failures covering hands on examples

                Communicate results within plant and between several plants using company prescribed

                   procedures, protocols and media to train others

                Analyze Start-up, Shutdown, Utility failure and ESD scenarios.

                Utilizing a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) technique and gather data for investigating process


                Reviewing and verifying operational reports to develop a method to solve the problems.

                Measuring equipment/facility performance and identify deviations from the optimum/design.

                Identifying how to collect and analyze operational data through interviews and analysis.

                Identify how to avoid future problems by developing appropriate recommendations to address

                   causal factors and root causes.

                Develop a structured approach to troubleshooting and problem solving which uses a common

                   terminology and shared understanding.

Target Audience

                 Production Operators

Course Contents

Day One :

               • Emergency Shutdownprocedures

               • Troubleshooting Definition, Potential Sources

               • Engineering Problem Solving

               • Components of Gas processes  Problem Solving

               • Limitations to Plant Problem Solving

               • Sources of Historical Data Daily Monitoring System Guidelines

               • Gas Quality

               • Gas Contaminations

               • The Gas Processing Facility

               • Facility Description

               • Making the Equipment Work

Day Two :

               • Troubleshooting analysis of test data

               • Troubleshooting mechanical processes

               • Troubleshooting thermal process

               • Troubleshooting Gas process

               • Troubleshooting human factors

        Instruments System

               • Operation of a Control Valve

               • Pressure Control

               • Level Control

               • Temperature Control

               • Flow Control

               • Safety Devices

          Case Study :Problem analysis

Day Three :


               • Centrifugal Compressor Properties

               • Centrifugal Compressor Seals

               • Surge Phenomenon

               • Start Up and Shut Down

               • Emergency Shut Down

               • Troubleshooting of Centrifugal Compressors

               • Reciprocating Compressors

               • Reciprocating Compressors Properties

               • Types of Reciprocating Compressors

               • Start Up and Shut Down

               • Troubleshooting of Reciprocating Compressors

         Group hands on :Compressors Troubleshooting

Day Four:

         Gas Dehydration using Glycol

               • Introduction

               • Process Description

               • Design Methods

               • Start Up

               • Shut Down

               • Troubleshooting

         Case Study: Troubleshooting Analysis: Operating Problems, Troubleshooting

         Liquid Dehydration using Solid Desiccants

               • Introduction

               • Process Description

               • Typical Types of Adsorbents

               • Regeneration of Solid Desiccants

               • Troubleshooting

         Case Study: Troubleshooting Analysis: Operating Problems, Troubleshooting

Day Five:


               • Types of Utilities Used in the Plant

               • Water Systems

               • Air System

               • Fuel Systems

               • Flare and Vent System

               • Storage System

               • Water Treatment System

               • Steam System

               • Course Closing and Final Assessment

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