Arabian American Center August Training & Development
Program Title:
Operations Abnormalities Prevention & Investigation Using Database Logging System
05.08.2018 - 09.08.2018
$ 2750



                • Loss Prevention Overview

                • Examples

                • Hazardous Properties of Hydrocarbons and Processing Materials

                • Typical Process Fire and Explosion Hazards

                • Industry Experience

                • Regulatory and Industry Standards, Codes, and Guides

                • Loss Prevention for Projects

                • Facility Design for Safe Operation

                • Site Selection

                • Spacing and Layout

                • Drainage and Containment

                • Electrical Area Classification

                • Passive Structural Protection

                • Materials of Construction

                • Process Control and ESD systems

                • Pressure Relief and Depressurizing Systems

                • Alarm and Detection Systems

                • Fire Suppression Systems

                • Surveys, Audits, and Investigations


Part II

                 • Introduction – Propose

                 • Hazards related to offshore oil and gas operations

                 • Availability of data sources on past offshore accidents

                 • Lessons learned from landmark past accidents for the control of offshore major

                   accident hazards

                 • Analysis of accidents in offshore oil and gas rigs Remarks and recommendations


Part III

                 • Mud Logging Introduction and Geology

                                Safety Briefing and Welcome

                                Mud Logging Definition

                                Introduction to Geology and Sedimentology

                                           ▪ Main rocks types

                                           ▪ Geological Structures

                                           ▪ Geological Ages

                                           ▪ Hydrocarbons generation and migration

                                           ▪ Geological phenomena and drilling problems: some examples

                 • Practical Session and Acquisition Chain

                              Practical Session: Recognize these rocks!

                                           ▪ Geological laboratory based practical covering the use of microscopes,

                                                   sample preparation, analysis and descriptions.


                             The Acquisition Chain:

                                           ▪ Sensors, signals and systems

                                           ▪ Workshop practical to see what the sensors look, like and fit into the

                                                 acquisition chain.

                                           ▪ Monitoring drilling operations

                                           ▪ Drilling aids: MSE, Vibrations, Pick up – Slack off

                                           ▪ Reporting – Mud Log, daily reports

                                           ▪ Case studies

                                           ▪  Classroom based case studies to demonstrate the use of the data collected

                                                  at the rig site and how this data is reported and logged.

                 • Acquisition Chain and Gas detection

                            End of Acquisition Chain

                            Understanding of Gas Detection

                                           ▪ Origin of the gas in the mud

                                           ▪ Degassing process

                                           ▪ Degassing technologies

                                           ▪ Types of gas analysis

                                           ▪ Workshop practical to see what the degassing & analyzer

                                                      equipment is comprised of and how it works.

                                           ▪ Interpretation generalities

                                           ▪ Gas in and Gas out

                                           ▪ Case Studies

                  • Classroom based case studies to demonstrate the use of gas data collected at the rig site and

                         how this data is reported and logged.

                  • Acquisition Chain and Gas detection (continued)

                  • Gas detection and Close Out

                             End of Understanding of Gas detection

                             Mud Logging added value and the top end services



 Training Methodology:

             (30%) Based on Case Studies

             (30%) Techniques

             (30%) Role Play

             (10%) Concepts

                        Pre-test and Post-test

                        Variety of Learning Methods:


                        Case Studies and Self-Questionnaires

                        Group Work



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