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Production Optimization & Well Testing
21.07.2019 - 25.07.2019
$ 3900


 Program Objectives:

    The importance of production operations management has increased dramatically in the recent years. Significant foreign competition, shorter product and service life-cycles, better-educated and quality-conscious consumers, and the capabilities of new technology have placed increasing pressures on the operations function to improve productivity while providing a broader array of high-quality products and services.


    With the globalization of markets, arms are recognizing that the production operations function can be used as a competitive weapon to strengthen their position in the market place. Managers of production operations play a strategic, as well as a tactical role in satisfying customer needs and making their arms strong international competitors.

    This course is designed to provide participants with enough skills and thorough details on production operations management as related to the modern business industry. It enables the participants to analyze, manage and improve the business processes used to produce and deliver products and services that satisfy customer needs.

Course Objectives

         Upon the successful completion of this course, each participant will be able to:-

               • Apply the latest methodologies of managing production operations

               • Optimize plant location and layout including capacity planning

               • Measure and improve productivity

               • Manage meetings and teams, solve problems and make correct decisions

               • Create environment of self motivation  

               • Recognize the different service systems and their special characteristics

               • Carryout performance appraisals and ensure a positive mutually acceptable outcome

               • Apply the method of line balancing and production capacity planning

               • Use benchmarking as an improvement tool

               • Implement the methodology of continuous business improvement and practice the various

                    techniques of improvement including cause-and-effect diagrams, scattered diagrams, process

                    maps, input output analysis, Pareto diagrams and why-why analysis

               • Measure, control, improve and manage performance in their plant

Who Should Attend:

   This course is intended for production operation staff such as Controllers, plant supervisors and officers and Operator I and Operator II.

Training Methodology

   This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of the total tuition hours:-

                   30% Lectures

                   30% Workshops & Work Presentations

                   20% Case Studies & Practical Exercises

                   20% Videos, Software & General Discussions


Course Outline:

              1. Production planning

                                • Preparing the necessary production Plan for the field.

                                • Reviewing and analyzing the daily, monthly, and annual reports for the production

                                    rates, situation for the wells, and all the existing facilities.

                     --Reviewing and analyzing daily production reports to evaluate GC production :

                                                Production rate analysis

                                                Crude oil analysis

                                                Water cut ratio

                                                 Well tests analysis

                                                Shut – in wells performance review

                                                Shut – down time review

                    --GC troubleshooting & corrective actions :

                                                Natural flow wells trouble shooting

                                                Gas lift wells trouble shooting

                                                ESP wells trouble shooting

                                                Beam pump wells trouble shooting

                                                PCP pump wells trouble shooting

                                                Jet pump wells trouble shooting

            2-Operating according to KOC production standards and procedures:

                                • Well operations based on KOC procedures

                                • Production facilities operations based on KOC procedures

                                • Trouble shooting operations based on KOC procedures

                     --Operating according to production standards

                                                 Operating according to international production standards.

                                                  Start up, shut down system procedures.

                                                  Troubleshooting. Schedule for the preventive maintenance of the

                                                    production facilities, with less or minimum down time.

           3-Achieving a production target with KOC crude specifications:

                                • Optimize the wells production

                                •  Artificial left methods for production optimization

                                • Flow line optimization

                                • Production facilitation optimization

                    --Achieving maximum production target

                                                 Achieving a production target with Company crude specifications

                                                 Maintain the production in smooth operation

                                                 Crude oil processing and shipping facilities.

                                                 Study field prod. Surface facility debottlenecking.

                                                 Arrange for field requirement according to current status .

                                                 Follow up the new required project  (starting from feasibility study, basic

                                                    engineering, hazop study, fabrication, till commissioning and start up),

                                                     comments and modify the needed through the project.

                                                 Make database for the process facilities and the offshore wells.

                                                 Observation of the wells, well testing for total rate, water cut, gas rate and

                                                    GOR calculations.

           4-Chemical optimization & blending :


                                                 The major types of processing:

                                                 Separation

                                                 Dehydration.

                                                 Desalting

                                                 Sweating

                                                 Chemical treatment ,optimization

                                                 Effluent water management and treatment philosophy.

                                • Corrosion control scale problems control

                                • Paraffinic and wax control – emulsion control

                                • Bactria control

          5-Effluent water management:

                                • Water monument from production layers

                                • Water production prediction

                                • Water production detection

                               • Water production isolation – disposal wells

          6-Well Testing,

                    A-Surface Pressure Losses

                                                 Surface Components

                                                    Flow through Chokes

                                                 Single Phases Gas Flow

                                                 Single Phase Gas Flow

                                                 Multiphase Flow

                                                 Gathering Systems Layout


                   B-Completions Inflow Performance

                                                 Perforated Completions

                                                 Perforation Charge Performance

                                                 Perforation Gun Selection

                                                 Gravel Packed Completion

                                                 Non –Darcy Turbulence Pressure Losses

                                                  Restriction of Gravel Pack Drawdown

                  C- Well performance sensitivity Study exercise

                                                 Reservoir inflow and tubing outflow restrictions                                               

                                                 Tubing size and liquid loading       

                                                 Effect of water cut and depletion          

                                                 Completion Design


            7-Troubleshooting & Challenges

                                                 Plant troubleshooting & corrective actions.

                                                  Preparing emergencies, contingencies plans for production platforms

                                                    facilities, transporting lines.

                                                 Experienced cases study for (wells, facilities trouble shooting, how to

                                                    predict and prevention& overcome).

                                                 How to Control field operation, preparing risk assessment, permit to

                                                    work and safety meeting committee.

                                                 Hazards associated with failure to follow company specifications.

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