Accounting for Non accounting

Accounting for Non accounting


By the end of this program, you should be able to:

  • Describe how budgeting relates to the planning and controlling functions of management. 

  • Explain the relationship between budgeting and strategic planning. 

  •  Define chart of accounts, responsibility reporting, and flexible budgets. 

  • List and describe the phases of budgeting.
  • Describe budgetary slack. 


Course Contents 

  1. Accounting concepts:
(Assets – Liberties – Owner equity – Revenue & Expenses)

  2. Financial statements:
(Balance Sheet - income statement – cash low statement)

  3. Accounting recording steps.

  4. Financial analysis for accounting information.

  5. Cost accounting concepts.

  6. Cost classifications and purposes.

  7. Cost data cycle.

  8. Cost information system.

  9. Budgeting (Preparing – using).
Capital investment productivity
Management accounting

Event Information

Event Date 26-02-2023
Event End Date 02-03-2023
Individual Price $2,800.00
Location cairo
Categories Financial and Auditing