financial Statements analysis & usage

financial Statements analysis & usage

Course Objective 

By the end of the program, participants will be able to: 

o   Understand the framework of financial statements analysis.

o   Become skilled at the foundations of ratio and financial analysis.

o   Carry out company and industry analysis.

o   Implement the Six-step Process in financial statement analysis.Analyze real-life financial statements from companies traded on the GCC stock markets

Who Should Attend 

Accounting, department, financial controllers, finance supervision financial analysts and financial accountants who perform business analysis and provide financial recommendations.


Course Contents

o   Framework for Financial Statement Analysis (FSA)

o   The Need for FSA 

o   Focus on Investment Decisions 

o   The Financial Reporting System 

o   Accounting Standards 

o   Principal Financial Statements 

o   Other Sources of Financial Information 

o   Foundations of Ratio and Financial Analysis

o   Purpose and Use of Ratio Analysis 

o   Ratios by Category 

o   Earnings per Share 

o   DuPont Analysis 

o   Book Value

o   Profitability Analysis

o   Income Measurement Analysis 

o   Revenue and Expense Analysis 

o   Cost of Sales Analysis 

o   Variance Analysis 

o   Earnings-Based Analysis

o   Short-Term Liquidity

o   Working Capital Analysis 

o   Operating Activity Analysis

o   Capital Structure and Solvency

o   Capital Structure Analysis 

o   Solvency Analysis 

o   Asset-Based Measures 

o   Earnings Coverage 

o   Return on Invested Capital 

o   Components of Return on Invested Capital 

o   Return on Assets (ROA) 

o   Return on Equity (ROE)

o   Six-Step of Financial Statement Analysis

o   Economi           - Strategic        - Accounting            - Profitability   - Risk         -Valuation

o   Comprehensive Real-Live Analysis of Publicly Traded Companies on Gulf Cooperative Council Stock Markets 


Event Information

Event Date 21-05-2023
Event End Date 25-05-2023
Individual Price $3,600.00
Location cairo
Categories Financial and Auditing