Advanced Recruitment & Selection Skills Strategy

Advanced Recruitment & Selection Skills Strategy


In today’s business world Interviewing has been identified as a critical management skill. Proven results have concluded that the “Old Style” interview is a failure. Published results show it’s less than 1.5% likely to be successful. The new approach to interviewing is to use the behavioural approach – as recommended by psychologists. The approach once mastered will transform your ability to interview effectively.

Seminar Objectives

o   Recognize the complexities of recruitment and selection in today’s modern environment

o   Understanding the 9 stages of recruitment and selection, and the importance of each stage

o   Know how to analyses a particular job and develop a job description and person specification to find the key tasks

o   Apply and use a plan for selection short listing that will dramatically save time

o   Consider the concept of and know when to use Testing, and personality questionnaires and when assessment centers are appropriate.

o   Be able to use the new skills of the behavioral interviewer

o   Be able to design and use the two step questioning technique.

o   Be able to write and practice using pre written questions and the balanced score scoring system.

o   Be able to use and decode behavioral body language

Who Should Attend?

HR professionals or managers of teamleader involved in both staff development and appraisals

Seminar Outline

  1. Skills development

o   Introduction and seminar objectives

o   Self  assessment – knowledge and interviewing skills

o   The recruitment process – the new process map including testing and why we use behavioral questionnaires

o   Importance of behavioral listening skills –demonstration and exercise

o   End of day review

  1. The Recruitment Process

o   Review of previous day

o   The process of interviewing – Step one Identifying the key processes of the job

o   The process of interviewing - Step two incorporating all the technical information – writing the job advert –the new style

o   The process of interviewing -Step three – Short listing, and the new way of preparing behavior led interviewing questions – video Knowledge based and probing questions. PRACTICE

o   The process of interviewing - Step four Pre writing interview questions using the behavioral score system -PRACTICE

  1. The Art of Interviewing

o   The process of interviewing – Step five – how to ask and take replies from the questioning process – examples.

o   The process of interviewing – How to tell when candidates are not telling the truth –video clips and examples

o   Step six - How to sell the company and be a model PR person throughout the interview

o   Step seven – The techniques of running a professional interview – room layout, positioning, how to structure the panel.

o   Step Eight – Two techniques to radically improve the decision making progress.

o   Step nine – ensuring your interview is in accordance with international law – examples and demonstrations – video “what did I do wrong?”

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

o   Review of previous learning

o   Practical exercises

o   Observation skills

o   Interview process in practice

o   Review of listening skills

o   Review of question techniques

o   Observable behavior from candidates

o   Observable behavior from interviewer

o   End of day review

  1. Final interviews

o   Review –what are the critical success factors

o   Practical interviews

o   Listening skills reviewed

o   End of course review

Event Information

Event Date 10-03-2024
Event End Date 05-06-2024
Individual Price $3,600.00
Location cairo
Categories Human Resources