Advanced Compensation Management

Advanced Compensation Management

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:


  • Know the linkage between compensation and business success.
  • Match compensation systems to organization culture.
  • Understand the importance of performance based rewards to the Total Rewards concept.
  • Discover the future of compensation in the region.
  • Discuss the growing trends towards a work/life balance.

Who Should Attend:


        Senior HR professionals, compensation managers and senior company executives wishing to broaden their knowledge of this important topic.


Program Outline:


The Executive Compensation Framework

  • Establishing the Context
  • The Notion of Fairness - What Does It Mean?
  • Definitions - Executive and Compensation
  • Linkages
  • Compensation Elements
  • The Executive Compensation Mix

Design of Executive Compensation Programs

  • Linkages - Business and Compensation
  • Compensation Strategy - Connectors and Constraints
  • The Compensation Strategy Development Process
  • Philosophies Governing Executive Compensation Design
  • Compensation Strategies For Your Industry - Horses for Courses
  • Utilizing a Total Compensation Approach
  • Importance of Good Communication
  • What Does Competitive Mean To You?

Performance Based Rewards

  • Key Elements of Reward
  • Types of Incentive Programs
  • Development of an Incentive Program - A Practical Approach
  • Implementation - Key Success Factors
  • How Much To Pay and What For?
  • Funding
  • Final Comments

Corporate Culture and Compensation

  • Culture and Compensation - What The World Is Saying and Doing
  • Training and Its Importance in Performance Management
  • Building an Entrepreneurial Spirit through Compensation
  • Importance of Communication

The Future

  • Trends
  • Have You Considered Retirement?
  • Some Interesting Perspectives on Compensation
  • The Relationship Between Work and Life - Getting The Balance Right 

Event Information

Event Date 11-02-2024
Event End Date 15-02-2024
Individual Price $3,600.00
Location cairo
Categories Leadership and Management