Effective Negotiation Skills

Effective Negotiation Skills

Participants will learn:

  • Internal communication process
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Deal with nontechnical people
  • Negotiation overview
  • Negotiation process and planning
  • Deal with tough negotiators

Who Should Attend :


  • Anyone who wants to improve his or her ability to communicate with others and to negotiate more effectively within the workplace.
  • All Manager and purchasing head sector  .


Course Outlines :

1. Creating a Customer Focus

  • The consequences of poor communication
  • Your role in creating a customer focus at work

2. Communication Skills

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Your role in ensuring clear communication on the team
  • How team communication breaks down and how to fix it

3. Nonverbal Communication Skills

  • Learn how to read nonverbal gestures in others
  • Look for clues and hidden meanings
  • The 20 most common North American gestures
  • Common international gestures

4. Dealing with Non-Technical Customers

  • How to communicate clearly with non-technical people

5. Listening and Questioning Skills

  • The difference between hearing and listening
  • The practice of active listening
  • Discuss the barriers to effective listening
  • How and when to actively listen

6. What is Negotiation?

  • How and when to negotiate
  • Impromptu, informal, and formal negotiations
  • How to negotiate when the boss "ambushes" you
  • Cultural differences in negotiations
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Individual negotiating styles

7. Planning a Negotiation

  • How to plan for any type of negotiation
  • The five-minute negotiation
  • Running a negotiation from start to finish

8. Dealing with Angry Customers and Conflict

  • What to do and avoid
  • Dealing with screamers
  • How to control yourself in times of conflict
  • Handling conflict in a negotiation

9. Remote and Offshore Teams

  • Simple rules to follow to ensure open communication

10. Using E-mail, Phone, and Face-to-Face

  • Advantages and disadvantages of each method
  • When to use and not use each method

11. Dealing with the Tough Negotiators

  • Define the three types of tough negotiators
  • How to stay calm
  • Plan to deal with any tough negotiator

12. Strategies and Tactics of Negotiation

  • Spot and diffuse the dirty tricks
  • Common games people play
  • Counter ploys
  • Use of physical settings to watch out for
  • Managing your team in a negotiation

13. Impasse and Deadlock

  • An escalation process to help you move forward

Event Information

Event Date 10-09-2023
Event End Date 21-09-2023
Individual Price $3,600.00
Location cairo
Categories Leadership and Management