Managing Leadership and Conflict

Managing Leadership and Conflict

Course Objectives

Unresolved conflict costs organizations millions of pounds every year. This is not only the conflict of the management-versus-union kind but the more widespread turf wars and ‘them and us’ attitudes that appear in organizations going through rapid change. At the completion of this course you will improve your handling of relationships so as to manage conflict constructively in the workplace. This course enables you to:

o   Assess conflict resolution needs in your organization

o   Identify root causes of conflict at work

o   Assess your own conflict management style

o   Identify an appropriate style and strategy for a conflict situation

o   Develop coaching plans

o   Conduct coaching sessions

o   Manage conflict in negotiations

o   Manage conflict in teams

o   Develop Action Plans for dealing with conflict situations at work

Who Should Attend

This workshop will benefit anyone who needs to coach staff and deal with potential conflict situations within the work group, in teams and negotiations.

Course Contents:

  1. The roots of conflict at work
  2. Positive and negative conflict
  3. Why is it important to manage conflict at work?
  4. Assessment: Conflict in Organisations
  5. How does conflict usually arise in your work?
  6. What strategies do you use when you face conflict? Do you try to avoid the person or the situation?
  7. Questionnaire: Your Conflict Management Style?
  8. Strategies for preventing and resolving conflict
  9. Case Studies: Conflict management situations
  10. Dealing with difficult people?

o  Difficult people/ difficult situations?

o Select strategies for different types of difficult people

o Learn how to stand up for yourself

o Manage your own stress and anger levels

  1. Diagnostic interviews and coaching
  2. Role Plays: Coaching
  3. Case Studies: Coaching situations
  4. Conflict in negotiations

o Distributive and integrative negotiations

  1. The negotiation process

o  Resolving conflict in teams

o  The advantages and disadvantages of team working

o  Issues in team development

o  Case studies in team conflict

Event Information

Event Date 10-12-2023
Event End Date 14-12-2023
Individual Price $4,300.00
Location Sharm El Sheikh
Categories Leadership and Management