Strategic Planning in Oil & Gas

Strategic Planning in Oil & Gas


A The focuses is to be on building advanced and key strategic and decision making, and leadership skills that are both practical and strategic in Oil and Gas field.



At the end of this course, participants will gain the following:

o Clear understanding of the strategic planning cycle
o Command of the effective process of decision making
o Acquiring effective leadership skills for vision creation and strategic planning
o Practical understanding of the change management process
o Practical skills to devise and lead plans for divisions and companies

Who Should Attend:


All executives and mangers involved in the process and implementation of strategic plans and strategic direction.

Course Outlines :


1.Organizational frameworks and the Role of the Leader

2. Learning Outcomes:

-         Understanding the role of the leader

-         Leaning about various schools of leadership thought

-         Understanding major functions of leadership

-         Leadership qualities

-         Clarifying relationship between leadership and management

3  Indicative Content:

-       Leadership schools

-       Human relations, systems, and contingency schools

-       The leader’s functions and roles

4  Central Focus of session:

-       Integrating the various schools of leadership and showing their relationship to functions and roles of the manager/supervisor

5  Method of Delivery:

-       Introductory brain storming session to derive key terms followed by a lecture presentation.

-       Group discussion.

-       Who are you as a leader? A Diagnostic test and feedback.

6. Leadership and Management Style

7. Learning Outcomes:

-       Understanding several ways of studying leadership

-       Understanding models of management style

-       Understand how the concept of contingency applies

8. Indicative Content:

-       Linking leadership & Strategy

-       Leadership effectiveness

-       Trait, style, and situational approaches

-       The leadership/interpersonal relationship

-       Coaching and mentoring

9. Strategic Thinking and Planning

10  Indicative Content:

-       The process of strategy

-       Barriers and problems in the strategy process

-       Effective planning, and planning techniques

-       Implementing strategies

11.Central Focus of session:

-       Strategy is so central to organizations

-       The process of cascading strategic objectives is vital and must be done

-       Strategy must be linked at all levels to be effective

12. Strategic Thinking and Planning

13. Learning Outcomes:

-       Understand strategy

-       What is business planning?

-       Have examined barriers to formulating proper strategies

-       Be able to plan effective strategies

-       Understand the nature of competition

-       Be able to use the main strategy tools of PEST, SWOT, PLC & BCG

-       Change management strategies

Event Information

Event Date 12-02-2023
Event End Date 15-02-2023
Individual Price $3,500.00
Location Sharm El Sheikh
Categories Leadership and Management