Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane

Course Introduction


In this introductory module, you’ll learn about the content of the course, objectives, and expected outcomes. The emphasis of the course will be on safe and secure handling of crane operations and reducing the downtime by proper inspection and maintenance of cranes.


Course Objectives


- Understanding the physical and mechanical properties of cranes

- Identify the types of overhead cranes and their components

- Learn about the safety procedures and regulations that govern crane operations

- Develop skills for proper crane operations, maintenance and its inspection

- Insight into reducing downtime and improving crane availability


Who should attend from the Oil sector?


- Facilities operations personnel

- Maintenance supervisors and their teams

- Engineers involved in equipment management and reliability

- Transportation and logistics professionals


course content


* Types of overhead cranes and their components


- Introduction to typical crane configurations

- Components of overhead cranes and their different types as per application

- Understanding the principles and limitations in crane design and its capacity

- Discussing crane safety features and design specifications for an optimal installation


* Crane physics


- Understanding force and torque

- Moments of forces and their effect on crane operations

- Crane performance in terms of speed, acceleration and deceleration

- Role of bearings, brakes, and motors in crane operations

- Limit switches and other control features


* Safety management


- Responsibilities of various personnel involved in crane operations

- Identifying hazards and risks associated with crane operations and their risk reduction

- Legitimate regulations and standards that govern crane safety

- Standards for crane inspection, maintenance, and operator training


*Crane Operations, Maintenance, and Inspection


- Crane start-up, operation, and shutdown procedures

- Crane maintenance and servicing – Understanding routines, schedules, and reporting

- Frequencies and intervals for crane inspection and processes

- The safe work environment and proper hand signaling


* Improving crane availability and increasing Uptime


- Causes of failure and how to prevent them

- Developing crane repair plans

- Reducing downtime and increasing uptime

- Maintenance and inspection efficiency

Event Information

Event Date 07-07-2024
Event End Date 11-07-2024
Individual Price $4,500.00
Location Dubai
Categories Mechanical Engineering