Process Heaters (Operation, Control, Safety &Troubleshooting)

Process Heaters (Operation, Control, Safety &Troubleshooting)

Course Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:-

  • Apply the latest techniques in furnace operation, control, performance and troubleshooting
  • Analyze and understand the concepts of combustion, heat transfer and the different properties of fuels
  • Evaluate and apply knowledge on the process side and fire/flue gas side of furnaces
  • Distinguish and operate the control and safety devices used in the safe operation of furnaces and related equipment
  • Recognize the safety concerns related to the operation and control of furnaces
  • Evaluate and apply the necessary skills in the proper operation of furnaces
  • Describe the steps and procedures related to furnace commissioning and start- up and deal with problems related to such start-up
  • Define and demonstrate how to properly shutdown a furnace and interlocks
  • Apply and assess the methods for the optimization and monitoring of furnaces
  • Demonstrate the right skills and techniques on furnace troubleshooting and problem solving

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for production operation staff including process engineers, supervisors, technicians and operators. Further, the course is suitable for control, instrumentation and maintenance staff who are involved in furnaces and fired process heaters.


Training Methodology

 This interactive training

Course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of the total tuition hours:-

30% Lectures

30% Workshops & Work Presentations

20% Case Studies & Practical Exercises

20% Videos, Software & General Discussions

Course Program


Day 1:

 Type of Furnaces and Major Parts

Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Flame Impingement  ●  Skin Temp 

Tube Life

Air Requirement   

Day 2:

Heating Value 


Thermal Efficiency

Burners F/G, F/O, Major Parts

Day 3:

Combustion, NOX Control

Fuel Specifications, Gas & Liquid

Furnace Initial Startup after Construction

Furnace Normal Startup after Shutdown

Day 4:

Furnace Explosion & Implosion

Furnace Decoking Procedure

Operation & Troubleshooting

Draft: Reduced Draft, Excessive Draft, Optimizing Draft, Air Leaks

Combustion: Air Supply, Insufficient Air, Optimizing Excess Air


Day 5:

Operation & Troubleshooting (cont’d)

Flue Gas: Oxygen Content, Flame Appearance, Fin Tube Damage

Convection & Radiation Saving Energy

Hot Tubes:  Spotting  a Hot Tube, Coke Deposition, Cooling an Overheated Tube

Heater Accidents, Safety Concerns & Case Studies


Event Information

Event Date 26-05-2024
Event End Date 30-05-2024
Individual Price $4,500.00
Location Dubai
Categories Oil and Gaz