Crude Oil Testing And Managing Dynamic Work Environments

Crude Oil Testing And Managing Dynamic Work Environments

Course Objectives :


Participants will learn:
* How representative samples are collected using automatic and manual methods.
* About the test methods available for obtaining the data necessary to determine quantity for custody transfer purposes and conformance to expected quality

  • Develop your teams to maximize their strengths and enhance productivity
  • •Optimize organization and work design for success in service delivery teams

How Should Attend :


* Laboratory technicians and chemists responsible for the analysis of crude oil samples for quantity and quality purposes


Course Contents :


Crude oil Routine Test
   - APT gravity    - water cut    - BS &W  - Asphalt content  - wax content
 - Viscosity & Yield point      - salt content            - Crude oil Assay

* Waxy crude oil testing equipments.

* Heavy crude oil testing equipments
- Asphalt /Resins ratio
- Asphalt deposition test
- GLC test
- Viscosity –temperature curve

Basics of Crude Oil Processing Evaluation
* ASTHMA Crude Oil Inter laboratory Crosscheck Program (Properties, Test Methods Order, Reporting Requirements)
* Other Important Crude Oil Properties.

Managing Dynamic Work Environments

  • Focusing on people: the key to successful leadership

Structuring Effective Work Design

Identifying the components of effective teamwork

  • The power of team-owned ground rules
  • Optimizing team structure

Designing effective work assignments

Event Information

Event Date 11-12-2022
Event End Date 15-12-2022
Individual Price $2,800.00
Location cairo
Categories Oil and Gaz